Furls Quarantine Kit

During lockdown we’ve seen a significant increase in craft kits online. I guess now more than ever, more and more people have taken up something new.

Have you started a new hobby or craft?

Will you continue with it post lockdown?

If you have and are enjoying whatever it is you are doing that you do continue with it. Crochet is my escape and helps me to destress. I can get lost in a pattern and watching it come together into something wonderful.

There are so many crafts and hobbies out there now with so much online support and tutorials there is no better time, so if you’ve seen something that you think you might like to try then go for it, nothing to lose have you?

I’ve had my eye on furls for a while, within my social media circles relating to crochet it’s hard not to notice their fantastic range of crochet hooks. I spotted their quarantine kit of a hook, yarn and choice of patterns to download and decided to order one. I had to change my original choice due to demand but I didn’t mind.

I finished a few projects off and decided to get the yarn out and wind it ready to use. Never, I repeat never do this late at night with no ones arms or a chair back to help you. It almost went in the bin a couple of times.

I picked out the princess cowl pattern because the Whims Merino yarn was so soft it was the perfect option. It worked up really quickly and within a couple of hours it was done. A lovely little project to fill a couple of hours thank you Furls.

Enjoy the rest of your evening, Thank you for reading

Take care and Stay Safe

Marie @ Cosy Crochet.

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