Jack & Zero

You may remember me making Jack this time last year? I made him for a friend who unfortunately passed away before I could gift him to her.

Well someone saw him on a post and asked if I could make him and his ghost dog Zero. So I quickly fashioned something to resemble Zero, frogged it changed it and ended up with this which I don’t think turned out too bad.

I do love Jack




Pattern from 1upcrochet.com

I got asked to make this little guy back in early summer so I searched for a pattern and found this cute one.

Hardest part was the felt eyes and ear inserts. So wish I’d learned felting at this point (ha ha).

So cute though isn’t he ?


Two little Unicorns

These two little beauties have been the hardest make ever. I don’t mean in complexity because they’re quite easy I mean trying to do them under traumatic circumstances.

At the beginning of May my dad was rushed into hospital with respiratory failure and it was touch and go for a while

Crochet is my go to to clear my head space and helps me deals with things. Not this time. I just couldn’t do it. I kept looking at the body parts lay in a basket and just didn’t know where to start.

Anyway as you can see I made a start and look at them aren’t they the cutest? My remit was a bright one and a light pink one. Think I nailed that????

Look at those little spiral tails love them x

Take care everyone and I’ll be back soon I have a huge project planned and can’t wait to start it.

PS dads home and on the mend in case you were wondering.

Have a lovely week everyone, thanks for reading

Marie x x

Baby Puffin Comforter

Hello and Happy Mother’s Day, hope all you mums out here are being deservedly spoilt.
I’ve had a busy time of it recently as you have probably noticed with all my blog spam (sorry not sorry.

There is no better feeling than when someone reaches out to you after seeing your work online and being asked to make them something. Especially when you read “I have seen your work online and know you are the one to make me what I want”
After smiling upon reading this you do take a moment to think oh no what do they want? Ha ha

This one however I couldn’t wait to start it. I ordered the yarn straight away and eagerly anticipated it’s arrival and always The Knitting Network did not disappoint.

I have never worked with flutterby yarn before but as soon as I felt it I immediately knew why it was used for the puffin. My goodness its so soft, not great to work with though (black ugh). On the black sections of the pattern I couldn’t see the stitches most of the time I had to feel my way with the hook.

Pattern by Olives Toy Box and was super easy to follow.
Scheepjes Catona cotton
James C Brett Flutterby Chunky with a 3 / 4mm hook used.

This beautiful comforter will be on it’s way to it’s new home soon to await the arrival of it’s new forever friend.

I hope you have enjoyed reading today, take care and enjoy the rest of your day whatever you are doing and I will be back with you soon.

Marie x x

Dodo Number 2

You may remember the baby Dodo I made a while back, well I decided to make a little girl one hatching from her egg.

They are popular gifts for babies due with a Mauritius link so she didn’t last long either and is on her way to her new owner as I type this blog.

I do love making these though so I should imagine you will see more soon.

A Cat on his Travels

Afternoon everyone, it’s a cold one today in the UK, I do hope if you’re out and about you’re wrapped up and keeping warm.

All this kitty needed was his fish back pack and off he goes. I found this pattern online and shared it on my socials as it was so cute and in came a request straight away. So I purchased the pattern and off I went, however I was asked to make it all black to match their own Kitty so with head in my hands at the thought of working it all in black I made a start.

He worked up really quickly and with the splashes of colour on his little boots, jumper and backpack the black worked out really well.

I wonder where he is off too? Any suggestions?

I think he’s off to fill his back pack with little fishies.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely weekend
Take care and stay safe

Marie @cosycrochetbymarie

Troublesome Sheep

Happy New Year everyone, I do hope you are all staying safe in these scary times? Lockdown number 3 is under way here in the UK and the current facts and figures here are very frightening.

With that in mind, apologies for not posting for a while but I have had a somewhat troublesome commission to work on over the festive period.

A Momma Sheep giving birth, yes you heard correctly, and boy did she I’ve me some headaches. She was very fiddly and I struggled to keep the right number of stitches in each round and felt like I was redoing each one four or five times.

I finally finished her and her babies last week and she has now safely been shipped to her new forever happy home.

Pattern by Laura Sutcliffe and can be found on Etsy and Ravelry.

Thank you for reading as always and enjoy the remaining part of your weekend.

Take Care and stay safe everyone.
Marie @cosycrochetbymarie

Merry Christmas

Well folks it’s going to be very different for everyone this year, please just stay safe and celebrate the best you can. We can only live in hope that it gets better in 2021.

My last order was completed last week for this year and I’m always glad to get the last one out of the way and parcelled up ready to go.

I hope they bring much joy to the recipients this Christmas, as much as they did to me to see them finished anyway.

Bunny Ballet Sisters, just look at those big fluffy tails.

Whatever your plans, Merry Christmas and Seasons love to you all, and goodbye to a terrible year.
See you in 2021

Love and Best Wishes

Marie @cosycrochetbymarie

Bo Bo The Panda

Good evening everyone, I hope you’re all well?

Sorry it’s been a while life got in the way again and I have found it very hard to pick up a hook and enjoy it, apologies for neglecting you my lovely followers but I hope I am back now. Since my short break I have gained more followers over on my blog so welcome and thank you.

I got a request for this beautiful Panda and I have been wanting to make this little fellow since Zoomigurimi 9 came through the post.

He took me longer than he should’ve but as soon as got past the lull I couldn’t wait to put him together and get him finished.

What do you think? Cute isn’t he (I wasn’t saying that making those feet up, yes they are all separate small parts)

Have a good evening and I will be back soon

Marie @cosycrochetbymarie

Dead as a Dodo

Well George was fun to do, albeit a little fiddly, He looks very perplexed I wonder what he is thinking?

That we may all be like him soon and extinct maybe? who knows at the moment what is actually to happen, stay home and safe is all we can do until we are told otherwise.

Strange flightless birds the Dodo, however, I find them quite fun and cute so when I saw the pattern in a new book that I received I just had to make him. I decided to do George in stripy shorts instead of the egg hatching option.

The book was from Amazon and is Amigurumi Treasures and there are some fabulous designs in it, very quirky, all written by Erinna Lee. Might do the platypus or the sloth next.

Well Happy Friday (it is Friday right?) I hope George made you smile.

Stay safe and well

Marie @ Cosy Crochet