Waffle Baby Blanket

Oh this was an absolute dream to make and really quick to work up as well.

Didn’t have much of a brief when this one was requested other than pale pink, cream, beige boho feel.

Ordered some Emu yarn from The Knitting Network and looked through my endless patterns. As I’ve never done waffle stitch before I thought I’d give it a go.

So glad I did it’s turned out better than I’d hoped it would.

Didn’t realise that the waffle pulls the piece in though if I had I would’ve carried on in length but it does stretch loads and is perfect for pram, carry cot etc.

Soooo soft and squishy and ready for the new arrival to the world. Pattern by Sirins Crochet.

Marie @cosycrochetbymarie


Yet another Baby Panda

Hello everyone, apologies I’ve been very quiet of late but I have been busy crocheting so about to spam you from makes over the summer. New full time job and puppy have taken over a bit so I fell behind on my blogs.

I completed another Baby Pandemonium Blanket from all thinks crochet I do love this pattern as you know from previous blogs.

I kept this one simple in the colours of now, grey and white, sparkly baby yarn from BnM and it’s beautiful in just the two colours.

This was an order that I could never get back hold of once it was complete, isn’t that the most annoying thing? Oh well someone’s loss is someone’s gain.

Hope you like it in the two colours.

Take Care Cosies


Baby Puffin Comforter

Hello and Happy Mother’s Day, hope all you mums out here are being deservedly spoilt.
I’ve had a busy time of it recently as you have probably noticed with all my blog spam (sorry not sorry.

There is no better feeling than when someone reaches out to you after seeing your work online and being asked to make them something. Especially when you read “I have seen your work online and know you are the one to make me what I want”
After smiling upon reading this you do take a moment to think oh no what do they want? Ha ha

This one however I couldn’t wait to start it. I ordered the yarn straight away and eagerly anticipated it’s arrival and always The Knitting Network did not disappoint.

I have never worked with flutterby yarn before but as soon as I felt it I immediately knew why it was used for the puffin. My goodness its so soft, not great to work with though (black ugh). On the black sections of the pattern I couldn’t see the stitches most of the time I had to feel my way with the hook.

Pattern by Olives Toy Box and was super easy to follow.
Scheepjes Catona cotton
James C Brett Flutterby Chunky with a 3 / 4mm hook used.

This beautiful comforter will be on it’s way to it’s new home soon to await the arrival of it’s new forever friend.

I hope you have enjoyed reading today, take care and enjoy the rest of your day whatever you are doing and I will be back with you soon.

Marie x x

More Baby Blankets

With yet more BnM baby yarn.

So I couldn’t resist, yet more baby yarn spotted and brought from BnM (UK) so I just had to make my favourite baby blanket again.
I got home and wound it into cakes straight away not knowing how this would turn out I made a start.

This yarn was so nice to work with and as you know I do love this pattern so I wizzed through the first bobble heart section and looked at the way the colours started to build and loved it.

Of course there was enough left over to make an Octopus to.

What do you think?

Beautiful isn’t it? It didn’t last long and is now on it’s way overseas awaiting the arrival of a new bundle of joy into this world. Cannot wait to see pictures of baby all snuggled.

Thank you for reading, take care and stay safe
Marie @cosycrochetbymarie

Dodo Number 2

You may remember the baby Dodo I made a while back, well I decided to make a little girl one hatching from her egg.

They are popular gifts for babies due with a Mauritius link so she didn’t last long either and is on her way to her new owner as I type this blog.

I do love making these though so I should imagine you will see more soon.

BnM Baby Yarn (UK)

Good evening everyone, I hope you are all safe and well? It’s the start of yet another week in lockdown and what are you doing to get through it? Me it’s definitely my crochet I’m not sure what I would do without it on these long dark cold evenings alone, it really does help.

Over Christmas I nipped to BnM with my mum for our toiletries and of course I couldn’t not stop at the yarn, it just sucks me in even when I do my best to avoid it. Well I am so glad that I gave in because I spotted this beautiful chunky white multi coloured spot yarn. My local stores never really have a great amount of stock so I brought all they had (5).

I didn’t have a clue what I was going to make but knew I needed it, well it so happened that my close friends announced the arrival of tiny feet in July 21, if this wasn’t a sign I don’t know what was. Out came my favourite baby blanket pattern and off I went.

I was worried when I started on three fronts 1) Would I have enough yarn? 2) Would the pattern work with one colour? 3) are the recipients going to like it? Well it was soon apparent that no I wouldn’t have enough yarn so I started to panic knowing what the stock levels are like around me. I went along to a different store and there it was six left and in the basket they went. As for looking good in one colour, absolutely it pops lovely. The recipients loved it so all worries soon evaporated.

I had enough yarn left over to make a touch sensitive octopus that matches and looks cool with the spots from the yarn.

This baby blanket has to be my favourite, I just love making them, it never gets boring and works up so quickly, before you know it you’re staring the border.

Pattern – Baby Pandemonium by The Crochet Sanctuary, thank you ladies for this amazing pattern I know I will be making more.

I hope you like it as much as I do and please share what is keeping you entertained through this most recent lockdown.

Thank you for reading, Take care and stay safe

Marie @cosycrochetbymarie

Baby Pandemonium

When I started the Christmas CAL I was downloading the introduction before part 1 was released, I noticed they also had a baby blanket in the files that I couldn’t resist. I planned to start one as soon as I finished the Christmas CAL but a few days after downloading and printing ready I got a request for a baby blanket.
No particular request for type, no specifics other than colour, which wasn’t to be traditional but autumnal. Oh this was so meant to be I couldn’t wait I had to start it as soon as I could.

I planned to use my stash as I had odd bits of all the colours I required but then I saw my favourite yarn on offer through The Knitting Network, so I picked 5 colours, paid and true to knitting networks form it arrived the next day. Yarn was quickly wound into cakes and that was it I did as much as I can in-between waiting for the new parts of the CAL to be released.

It was beautiful to work up, the soft yarn of Style Crafts Special DK and the amazing pattern that kept you wanting to create the next section because they all just stood out and popped with each different colour that was added.
The only thing that I changed on the pattern was the final round of the border, and that was only because it didn’t sit right with the colours chosen so I simply added rounds of single and half trebles to finish.

What a beauty it is, and was nice to make a baby blanket away from the norm of pinks, blues, lemons and mints. I will be making more of these that is for sure. Thank you The Wee House of Crochet, Lynda’s Craft Room & The Crochet Sanctuary for creating such beauty again.

Have a lovely evening, take care and stay safe.

Marie @cosycrochetbymarie

12 Point Star Baby Blanket

Happy Friday everyone, we’ve made it to the end of another week and it didn’t take long to get here did it?

My last blog had a teaser of my new WIP added to my new trolley, which I still love btw, it was actually two projects.

I brought these cakes from Aldi when they had their recent craft weeks and I only managed to get four, two of each colour and I didn’t know what I should make with them. I knew I wanted to do some kind of baby blanket (due to the colours) but I wanted to try something different.

I came across a 12 point star blanket free to download so was praying I’d have enough yarn for each. I did just, I tried to push an extra round out of the yarn but I was literally 4 stitches short, How annoying?

Not sure why I have never done a 12 point star blanket before but I loved it. The pattern worked up so quickly I have managed to do both this week, they have just come out of the washer and are block drying as I type.

I know that with the way the yarn is coloured that its not perfect rounds each time but I think it adds quirkiness to each blanket. The both measure 40″ so is ideal for a baby blanket, cot / pram topper, bed dressing, chair throw.

I’m sure I will be making some more of these I really enjoyed them both, Anyway have a lovely weekend everyone, make it count.

Take Care

Marie @ Cosy Crochet

Baby Yoda

So the latest internet sensation is Baby Yoda, the new hit Disney TV series Mandalorian has catapulted his popularity sky high and to be fair you can see why, he is adorable, and that’s coming from a none Star Wars fan. Queue the Star Wars fans rage lol.

Whether you are a fan of star wars or not you can’t help but see how amazingly cute this little guy is so as soon as I saw a pattern available I just had to buy it and give him a go.

Pattern was written by Allison Hoffman from craftyiscool.com, via Etsy if you are wanting to give him a go yourself.

I had to make two as my dog ate the first one and I was so gutted as I’d just completed the most fiddly part of him, the eyes, the night before and I could not salvage any of him so had to start all over again. She was literally in the dog house that day, All day.

I am currently working on the second one (well third really) now and keeping it well away from the dog this time as he is almost complete. I have a feeling it won’t be my last one. Anyone else made him? Please show me I would love to see.

Take Care

Marie (Cosy Crochet)

Merry Christmas

Happy Sunday Evening, hope you’ve had a good weekend?

Quite a few months ago I got asked to make a newborn Santa suit, Yes of course, I said, No problem, I said, Hmmmmm little did I know how awkward I would find it.

I started it straight away of course, as I always have to, even if I have a million other things on the go, a customer will always come first. I had a bit of a shock, I couldn’t do it I have no idea why my head just couldn’t get into it. I had to frog and start again so many times that I actually put it away so I couldn’t even see it.

I left it for months, but it was playing on my mind, so as December was approaching I knew I had better get it out and start a fresh again, turns out a line in the pattern was missing and I never even noticed it before.

So off I went thinking a had a few weeks till baby Eden’s due date, but no he had different ideas didn’t he. He wanted out and out he came quite early.


I cracked on and after adding my missing row in I sailed through it to finish and oh I am so glad I did just look at him #heartmelt #adorable.

So from Cosy Crochet to all of you have a Wonderful Christmas and New Year / New Decade and enjoy every moment you get with friends and family time is just to precious.

Take Care, Marie (Cosy Crochet) x