A Page dedicated to a few of my favourite links for you to enjoy as well. If you would like to be featured on this page then please contact me with a description of you are your craft.

  1. Kids Knitz By Joy – A very good friends facebook page, go take a look at what she can knit together for you. She also has a crafting page covering all her other makes Handmade by Joy.
  2. I have created a facebook community group for all things crochet / knitting related. please feel free to search for Cosy Crochet Community and join us for a chat, share patterns and ideas with like minded people.
  3. The Knitting Network – a great website to buy yarn and patterns for both knitting and crochet. Quick service and delivery and respond to queries almost immediately.
  4. A SmarterU – I am a Brand Influencer for the Smart Coffee from RevitalU, click on the SmarterU link and join my facebook group and request your free sample today. Please let me know if you are UK or USA.