Changing Tides x 2

After recently adding a new puppy to my collection of schnauzers and posting numerous pictures on line of him. My changing tides blanket by coastal crochet got spotted and requested to be made.

Jumping at the chance to make this beautiful blanket again I reached for my laptop and ordered the yarn. Same colour palette but different shades.

I love how these colours pop on this blanket, I didn’t want to hand it over when it was time too.

It will certainly keep its new owner warm over the coming cold months ahead plus add some much needed beach and sea colours for that vitamin D injection.



CAL Weeks 11 and 12

Beach Combing Blanket

Well that’s it, it’s all done for another year. Apologies for the delay in my blog but since finishing the blanket I have moved home so it has been a little hectic shall we say.

The final two weeks was the border of the blanket working in rounds to bring it all together and finish it off. And a new stitch for me Pom Pom Bobbles, a little fiddly shall we say but very affective in bright orange.

And here it is, 12 weeks of lockdown and a very emotional roller coaster for me. This blanket was made through a separation, pandemic, lockdown, furlough, back to work and a new home move. Never going to forget making this blanket am I?

Here is it against last years Changing Tides CAL, watch this space for a little addition.

Lilly approves of both

Enjoy the rest of your day and thank you for reading.

Take Care

Marie @ Cosy Crochet

Crochet Diploma – Module 10

Well I’m not doing as well as I’d hoped from my last diploma blog, in fact I have been very lazy this Christmas, like very lazy, Anyone else?

I did module 10 and its all about Afghans (blankets to you and I), who has a favourite blanket? Why is it your favourite? My favourite is my Changing Tides Cal Blanket I completed this year, Love it so much.

It covered all the different types of afghans, a size guide for each and the best yarns to use for each, which was really useful as we all tend to opt for our favourite yarn to work with and that’s not always the best, depending on the type of blanket.

Types of Blanket

  • Afghan / Throw
  • Beadspread
  • Baby Blanket
  • Lapghan
  • Graphgan
  • Scrapgan (who knew lol)

And there you thought a blanket was just a blanket right, how wrong a statement that is lol.

The module covered the types of construction, back and forth in rows, motifs, join as you go, Pictures and guided you through your own design process from how to start out to get the right dimensions (UGH Maths) through to construction and writing up your own design.

I really should adopt the calculation method more when starting my blankets, I tend to just pick up a hook and my favourite yarn and away I go and tend to gauge it by sight rather than actuals, anyone else do this? I’m not alone on this surely?

The final part of this module was a pattern for a lapghan for you to make up yourself, this has been added to my ever growing “I MUST MAKE LIST”

Will I ever get through them all? who knows maybe one day.

Have a lovely day, remember to share your favourite blankey with me would love to see them.

Take Care

Marie (Cosy Crochet)

CAL – Completed

So that’s it, week 16, the final week of the Changing Tides Blanket Crochet Along is complete.

I feel a bit lost if I’m honest, as soon as I complete a week I journal a post in my diary for the following Friday ready to tick off, I cannot do that today it’s all done.

What a journey though, thank you Eleonora @ Coastal Crochet for an absolutely amazing pattern.

Each week the guidance and step by step instructions have been so clear and set out in both UK and US terms, with pictorial guidance and videos too.

If you haven’t done it week on week and are looking for a different blanket to make I would recommend this one 100%. I was going to give it away but I don’t think I can now. Time for a wash an block (if I can find somewhere big enough to lay it that is)

CAL Weeks 10 – 15

Wow, to say I fell behind a bit is a slight understatement, but despite the temperatures this week in the UK I have caught up in time for the final week 16 to be released on Friday.

Yes the final week 16 is this Friday! WHAT? where has that 16 weeks gone? that’s just crazy to think that week 1 was in April and we are now mid summer, look how small the first rounds where.

Even though I fell behind I still love every stitch (maybe not the bobbles, those last 2 rounds almost killed me off). But just look at it, what do you think now? It’s huge and I’ve used Style craft DK, god only knows how big it would be with their Aran, I wouldn’t have anywhere to put it.

I love it, Going to feel a little lost after the final week, I might have to do another one what do you think? I’ve had a colour swatch done already, I sense an order being placed.


I think these would be lovely in this blanket, especially the spice and magenta they will just pop against the darker colours.

Anyway, have a lovely week in this hot weather here in the UK but stay safe and sensible.

Take Care

Marie (Cosy Crochet x)

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CAL-Week 8 & 9

Good evening everyone, I am so sorry I have been silent for a while but I have had a really busy couple of weeks decorating. Looking lovely and fresh and clean now though so happy days.

This did put me behind somewhat on the Changing Tides Cal I have been doing, It didn’t help that week 8 was those pesky bobbles which now it’s getting big take forever. I started on round 8 and did the first side only to count way too may bobbles, WHAT?? (angry face). Turns out in week 7 I just randomly decided to add an extra stitch in each block of stitches, why? I have no idea. I had to flog the row of bobbles then 2 rounds of week 7 and start again. Wasn’t happy to say the least.

The importance of counting peeps, the importance of counting indeed!

So once I had caught up with my mistake it was time to tackle the bobbles again, and they really did seem to take forever, every time I thought I was coming to the end of the row there were loads more to do to just finish one side. I had the right number this time so carried on when I could to get it finished. I didn’t complete them in time for week 9 coming out so thought I would dive straight in and share both weeks with you once I finished it.

Happy to report that I competed round 9 last night, sewed all the ends in, lay it down to admire and wow it’s looking incredible now,

What do you think? It’s not going to fit the landing much longer is it?

Anyway it’s good to be back, I have missed blogging for you all. Maybe I won’t decide to decorate the biggest rooms in the house all together next time.

Take Care

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x

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CAL – Week 7

Hello, Happy Bank Holiday everyone I do hope you are all doing something nice today?

So I finished week 7 of my Changing Tides Cal last night, It’s getting big now so the rounds are taking longer. I do love looking at it once each week is done and marvelling how so many different methods of crochet are coming together to make this beautiful blanket.

What do you think now? This week is inspired by natural sea glass formed over time and sand, you can see the hidden row of green (sea glass) between the yellow and blue of the sand and waves

Thank you Coastal crochet, I do love everything you make.

Have a lovely day everyone

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x

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CAL – Week 6

Is also complete, just not got around to letting you all know so playing catch up this morning.

Just look how beautiful it is, cannot wait for Friday morning (well evening by the time I get to do it) and week 7.

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x

CAL – Week 5

Morning, well that’s another week completed, rounds 38 – 40 depicting the fabulous white cliffs wearing their vibrant green hats of the UK’s southern coastline What a great design Eleonora at Coastal Crochet is doing for us, I am just in love with it.

Cannot wait for week 6, roll on Friday.

Have a great day everyone

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x



CAL – Week 4

Well that was a nice and easy 3 rounds after the bobbles last week, I did struggle a bit because I have a poorly shoulder and not able to move much so I was glad that this week was an easy one.

Just look though, love it, is it Friday yet?


Marie (Cosy Crochet) x