Temp Blanket Cont…..

So following on from yesterday, today’s weather has excelled itself again and broke records for the hottest February ever recorded in the UK. I’m loving every minute but I fear hopes of spring will be raised to be shattered or froze.


Wildlife are waking early due to the warmth, hedgehogs have been spotted needing a drink so please put some out for them. Feed them with dog or cat food mashed up, leave them fresh water in a shallow dish but please don’t leave them milk as this can make them poorly.


I saw several Bees whilst out with the dogs today and while we need to help and preserve these as much as we can I fear mother nature will take this out of our hands. Don’t forget if you see a bee struggling sugar and water on a tea-spoon will do the trick let the bee drink and watch the sugar regain its strenght and fly away.


With this record-breaking temperatures my blanket has gone into colours I shouldn’t be using for a few more months at least, however, it was very exciting to add a bright row of orange to my blanket to break up the long run of yellow. Yellow’s and oranges to me represent sunshine which in turn creates happiness and good feeling, so adding the orange today and thinking where and why I was adding it spread happiness and longing for the long summer days ahead of us.

Love how it stands out

I wonder if I will be using my cold colours next month?

The seasons and climates are clearly changing is it too late to do anything? Have we gone past the point of reversing what we have caused? Or will we just adapt silently as we always appear too.

Keep enjoying this sun while we have it, take in some vitamin D to shake off the winter blues for while ever we have it. It helps in more ways than we realise.

Take care cosies

Marie x x

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