Picnic on the Beach Blanket Week 3

Evening all, I was late starting this weeks instalment. Had emergency vet trips all weekend so didn’t get chance to print off the pattern until Sunday to make a start.
Doggie is all well and on the mend now, thankfully, in case you were wondering.

So week 3 is all about picnic food and who would have thought you could create food with yarn in a blanket. Thank you Coastal Crochet you really do excel every year.
We have apples, blackberries and cupcakes, can you see them?

Absolutely loved creating this weeks delicious delights, doesn’t it look fabulous?
Roll on Friday for week 4 can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next.

Take care and thank you for reading.
Marie x x x


Week 4 CAL

Beach Combing Blanket

Happy Monday everyone, hope you’re all safe and well?

That’s another week over and I really enjoyed this week’s squares. Inspired by driftwood along our shorelines, learning how to make this effect was so much fun.

What do you think?

Short and Sweet one today, Take care, Stay Safe and roll on week 5.

Marie @cosycrochetbymarie

Granny Squares

Love them or hate them there is no denying that you cannot beat them for a quick, easy and effective blanket. So with this lockdown nightmare continuing, combined with having a clear out, I came across some yarn I brought from a pound-shop on a lodge holiday last year. I loved the colours but was unsure what to make so as with the rest of my stash to the back of the shelf they went.

Out it came a couple of weeks ago and a square was formed and grew. I only had 6 balls of it so had no idea how big it would get, so using a larger than recommended hook, I just kept going until I knew I wouldn’t have enough yarn to go around anymore. I also found a ball of the same yarn in a nice bright orange colour which would be excellent for a border.

It has made a decent enough size at 35inch square so would be great for a pram / pushchair / cot or Childs lap blanket. The colours are amazing you get that warm summer to autumn feel from it, and it washed beautifully soft. Planning a stash buster one to get rid of all the odd pieces of yarn, who knows how that will turn out or how big ;-).

Whilst I was making this blanket a close friend was stating to learn to crochet. Great to see lockdown and furlough going to some good use. She didn’t just attempt to learn she went all in and decided to try her own granny square blanket, Look at what she achieved in a week for her first crochet project.

Just amazing, having passed my Crochet Diploma recently I felt like a proud tutor, mentor, mum, big sis and best friend all rolled into one. Not only did she make this blanket she also made her very own stitch markers and sent me a couple as well. Love them Millie well done and keep going I cannot wait to see what you produce next.

Hope you’re all being productive in these uncertain times.

Thanks for reading, stay safe, stay home and take care

Love Marie @ Cosy Crochet

Crochet Diploma Modules 15, 16 and 17

Well that’s it I’ve completed it, these last 3 modules covered starting your own business. Venues (craft fairs, farmers markets, car boots) and Advertising, Online marketing, Social Media, Opening your own shop and monitoring each of these so that you know what’s working best for you.

It covered financing and budgeting from incomings v outgoings to pricing of items (always an issue for crafters) to gaining financial backing to start your own business.

Taxes / VAT and HMRC registering, and how to keep a record to make submitting taxes easier. Anyone registered with the HMRC for their craft? I tried to years ago but because I never actually make a profit to not bother registering till I make a profit of £1000, that is never going to happen so have never revisited it, anyone know if this has changed? I am always in the negative profit as I cannot resist that yarn or new book or new pattern and never charge what I should Ha Ha.

The module also covered how to write up a business plan, which is crucial if you intend to start your own business and require financial backing. This section was very informative and gave you simplistic breakdowns of each section and how to approach it.

So overall, even though I don’t plan to open a shop, or run a stall etc, I found these last three modules very interesting. So if you are planning to start your own business then it’s really useful.

Thanks for reading, stay safe, stay home

Take Care, Marie @ Cosy Crochet

Solid and Marl.com

Hello everyone, how are you all coping? It’s all very surreal and movie like at the moment isn’t it? I hope you are all doing your bit and staying home and safe if you are able to do so.

Herringbone Scarf

So for a while now I have been getting ad’s popping up, as we all do for the things we actively like, on social media for Solid and Marl and their crochet kits. I spotted this herringbone scarf and really like the look of it, but continued to scroll past it. As with ad’s they just keep appearing don’t they? Yes I caved and purchased it.

Now, has anyone used these oil based yarns? or any of the Sold & Marl kits before? Got to admit when I opened it I was a bit puzzled before reading the booklet that comes with it. Then I got excited to start it, especially after ordering my favourite colour.

I found it a little strange to work with to start as it felt like I was working with embroidery cotton, word or warning if you get one of these kits it does snap really easily (found that out the hard way, twice) I also got quite bored of the same row upon row, which is normal for me, so it took quite a while to complete.

Yesterday, however, I saw light at the end of the tunnel and had to get it finished as I was excited to see then end result. You may be wondering what I’m on about, it’s a scarf she will know the end result? Wrong, you see with these yarns you have to wash them at 40 degrees in a normal wash cycle to activate the yarn and wash the oils out of the lambswool. Yes I was like a dog watching his favourite toy going round and round and round till the washer had finished.

And Oh My God what a difference, so soft and beautiful and looked like it was machine made not by my fair hands. Absolutely love it and finished just in time for an isolated spring, Ha Ha.

I may have to just test this out on my daily exercise allowance with the dogs later.

Stay Safe everyone!

Hopefully this will all end soon and we can slowly start to get some normality back.

Lots of Love

Marie @ Cosy Crochet