Diamond Art

Happy weekend everyone, the season as most certainly shifted hasn’t it. Felt like winter last night and this morning I don’t know about autumn.

So following on from my Crojo Missing blog last week I would like to thank you all for your words of support and suggestions on what to do. I took some of those words of advice and have had a break, I have not picked up a hook all week and this morning over my coffee I was looking at my WIP’s thinking I’m going to finish you, with a squinted determined look, so it worked :-).

In the meantime though I have tried my hand at something completely different which I have loved and have to say a little bit addicted to it.

I brought a small diamond art kit to try, well over a year ago, and it has just been sat there gathering dust. Last Sunday I decided I will give it a try, I was home alone so though why not. I finished it within a few hours and promptly ordered 2 more larger kits to do as Christmas gifts. I am over half way through one of these already in hope I can get them completely as quick as possible so I can go and get them framed ready to wrap.

Anyone else done any diamond art? I so wish I had started it sooner so therapeutic (until you drop the diamonds everywhere that is lol).

Anyway I hope you all have a lovey weekend, despite the rain.

See you all soon

Take care

Marie @ Cosy Crochet x

Crochet Diploma – Module 7

Hello everyone, hope you’re all ok? I haven’t done any of my course for a few weeks, or crochet for that matter and I’m starting to get withdrawal. How rude of the decorating to interrupt my passion!

So yesterday I decided that on the lazy Sunday I was having that I must try and get another module covered off, so I did, sat in my PJ’s until it was complete and my assessment submitted. (I passed module 6 by the way).

This module was all about Advance Techniques in crochet and how to make different textures from basic stitches.

It also gave you the base patterns for all of these and the multiples of chains required as a guide to whatever you plan to make. Very handy, as it covered Basketweave, Raised Circles, Chevron, Granny Lace (as apposed to the square), Picot Latticework.

Then went onto different finishing borders reversed double crochet (crab stitch), Picot, Arches.

Motifs were covered next, now I don’t know about you but I always thought a motif was something you added onto a piece or ironed onto jeans back in the 80’s lol, so yesterday I learnt these are the smaller pieces we crochet that eventually we will sew together to make a larger piece. Circles, Squares, Triangles, Hexagon’s etc.

It then went onto give you the basic patterns for 3 styles of granny squares, from the basic square to the circles in squares, I know you can get these readily from youtube now but it’s nice to have the base taught you to develop later should you wish.

I plan to follow all the instructions for each and write it up for you in later posts, now that I have a little time back that is.

I am still really enjoying the course and I am learning the little things that you always wonder about because they just seem to happen, and have so missed it these past few weeks. Onto module 8 it is then, anyone else working through the diploma? or any for that matter?

Have a great week everyone.

Take Care

Marie (Cosy Crochet)

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CAL-Week 8 & 9

Good evening everyone, I am so sorry I have been silent for a while but I have had a really busy couple of weeks decorating. Looking lovely and fresh and clean now though so happy days.

This did put me behind somewhat on the Changing Tides Cal I have been doing, It didn’t help that week 8 was those pesky bobbles which now it’s getting big take forever. I started on round 8 and did the first side only to count way too may bobbles, WHAT?? (angry face). Turns out in week 7 I just randomly decided to add an extra stitch in each block of stitches, why? I have no idea. I had to flog the row of bobbles then 2 rounds of week 7 and start again. Wasn’t happy to say the least.

The importance of counting peeps, the importance of counting indeed!

So once I had caught up with my mistake it was time to tackle the bobbles again, and they really did seem to take forever, every time I thought I was coming to the end of the row there were loads more to do to just finish one side. I had the right number this time so carried on when I could to get it finished. I didn’t complete them in time for week 9 coming out so thought I would dive straight in and share both weeks with you once I finished it.

Happy to report that I competed round 9 last night, sewed all the ends in, lay it down to admire and wow it’s looking incredible now,

What do you think? It’s not going to fit the landing much longer is it?

Anyway it’s good to be back, I have missed blogging for you all. Maybe I won’t decide to decorate the biggest rooms in the house all together next time.

Take Care

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x

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Crochet & Coffee

Good evening, it’s coffee time……..

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Take Care Everyone

Marie x


Module 5 – Crochet Diploma

Good Morning, and what a lovely one it is.

So last night I completed module 5, I smashed module 4 btw ;-). This module was quite an interesting module as it covered tension and pattern reading. Which has posed a question to you lovely lot straight away.

Who makes a tension swatch before starting a project?

I can honestly say I never have, and after reading through this module maybe I should start? Never felt the need too before as never really made any clothes and always believed this was its main importance, apparently not.

There are more factors to a tension swatch than I realised, it’s not just about the size of the piece, but the hook size you should be using, the yarn weight are all factors for a tension swatch.

However I can see why we as crocheters don’t do them, because it’s so time consuming. Not only do you have to keep making one with different hooks and yarn if it’s not the adequate size, you have to block it properly by wetting it, pinning it, drying it then measuring it. Then if it’s not right you have to start the whole process again till you get the right hook and yarn weight ratio to the pattern specifications.

Jeeze, we just want to get started right?

So, who does this every time? or is everyone as eager as me just to crack on with a new project?

A great tip was given though, every tension swatch you make, keep, sew them all together and make a tension swatch Afghan, now what a fabulous idea this is. Come on someone out there has done this right? Please show us because in my head I can imagine some fantastic colourful blankets using these swatches.

The module also covered pattern reading, remember when you first looked at a crochet pattern? That string of abbreviations, numbers and letters, and you were thinking to yourself I need a degree to understand this, and now it’s just like reading a magazine. OK you might have to read through some a few times still but you do actually understand what it’s telling you.

Thats a skill in itself isn’t it?

It also listed all the common abbreviations that we read daily, and was very proud that I recognised all of them, Yes! I can do this ha ha. I won’t list them all on here today as there are too many but look out for future posts I may just cover them.

It also covered following a chart provided a table of what all the symbols represented which was quite handy for myself as I have never really followed a chart so I might try this method and see. It did both UK and US terms also which is handy for me as I do switch between both quite a lot.

Who prefers a chart to written patterns? if so why

Anyway thank you for reading, enjoy this beautiful day (UK) and the long weekend.

Take Care

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x

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Black Cotton

Happy Bank Holiday weekend everyone in the UK, hope you all have lovely things planned?

So, black cotton then, that’s nice to work with isn’t it? NOT!!!

On the back of completing mums runner the other weekend I decided I needed some new place mats, so off I went to my local yarn store in search of some cotton yarn to match my table and chairs which happen to be black, all my cupboards are white so do I have white which will get dirty after every use, NO. Black it was then, they didn’t have any so I had to order some from Amazon, Lion Brand, never used this before.

I started in rounds as I wanted circle one’s this time, Dam that stuff is hard to work with, especially in black. Safe to say I only made 2 placemats and 2 coasters LOL.

It felt so tough and unforgiving to work with, is all cotton like this or is the brand I chose? I always associate cotton with being soft.

I think prefer working with acrylic to cotton and I don’t seem to use that often either.

Anyone out there use cotton a lot, if so which brand would you recommend and what do you make with it?

Anyway have a lovely weekend everyone. I’m sure you’ll hear from me again at some point over the bank holiday.

Take care

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x

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