CAL Weeks 11 and 12

Beach Combing Blanket

Well that’s it, it’s all done for another year. Apologies for the delay in my blog but since finishing the blanket I have moved home so it has been a little hectic shall we say.

The final two weeks was the border of the blanket working in rounds to bring it all together and finish it off. And a new stitch for me Pom Pom Bobbles, a little fiddly shall we say but very affective in bright orange.

And here it is, 12 weeks of lockdown and a very emotional roller coaster for me. This blanket was made through a separation, pandemic, lockdown, furlough, back to work and a new home move. Never going to forget making this blanket am I?

Here is it against last years Changing Tides CAL, watch this space for a little addition.

Lilly approves of both

Enjoy the rest of your day and thank you for reading.

Take Care

Marie @ Cosy Crochet


Fly High, Run Free

Some of you will know and some of my followers won’t but this week I lost my rock and soul mate, after a very short yet traumatic illness. We are still struggling to get our heads around how quickly he deteriorated and passed.

One of the hardest weeks of our lives with one of the hardest decisions ever.

Opie was a wonderful schnauzer, a fabulous character and the sweetest of souls, he was a very emotional dog and if you were upset so was he. He was my shadow and I am so very lost without him by my side.

He was only 6 years old and had so many years ahead of him, little did we know that a virus could take him away from us.

So after making the hardest decision of my life the next one didn’t require any deliberation at all. I just had to make him, he was such a fun loving little boy who captured the hearts of everyone he met, demanding their attention by talking and staring at them. 99% of the time he won them over, I needed to capture this spirit even though it is still very raw.

So here he is, Opie! Next to his favourite things his food dish and looking out the window barking at everything and nothing lol. I think I have done him justice as it was so very hard at some points through all the tears.

Our dear sweet boy, bless your heart, you will be greatly missed by all but you are no longer suffering and I hope at peace. Run free handsome we miss you so, till we meet again, and we will!

Love you always, Never Forgotten

RIP Opie 15/08/2013 – 06/02/2020

Marie x