Baby Yoda

So the latest internet sensation is Baby Yoda, the new hit Disney TV series Mandalorian has catapulted his popularity sky high and to be fair you can see why, he is adorable, and that’s coming from a none Star Wars fan. Queue the Star Wars fans rage lol.

Whether you are a fan of star wars or not you can’t help but see how amazingly cute this little guy is so as soon as I saw a pattern available I just had to buy it and give him a go.

Pattern was written by Allison Hoffman from, via Etsy if you are wanting to give him a go yourself.

I had to make two as my dog ate the first one and I was so gutted as I’d just completed the most fiddly part of him, the eyes, the night before and I could not salvage any of him so had to start all over again. She was literally in the dog house that day, All day.

I am currently working on the second one (well third really) now and keeping it well away from the dog this time as he is almost complete. I have a feeling it won’t be my last one. Anyone else made him? Please show me I would love to see.

Take Care

Marie (Cosy Crochet)

Crochet Diploma – Module 9

Good evening all, the big man arrives very soon now are you all ready? I think by the amount of traffic in town this afternoon everyone is panic buying still.

I thought I had better do some more of my diploma as it’s been a while, I am hoping to complete it over the Christmas break, what do you think my chances are (ha ha)?

Module 9 was all about Scarves and Shawls and what a great time of year to cover these. Who doesn’t love snuggling into a nice warm scarf on these cold winter days?

The module covered all the different types of scarves / shawls that you can make and all the basic lengths, widths, yarns to use for each.

  • Neckerchief
  • Summer Scarf
  • Full length / Winter scarf
  • Triangle Shawl
  • Rectangle Shawl
  • Infinity Scarf
  • Unique Construction, Wait, What? (basically go wild with your own crazy mosaic design).

The module guided you how to design your own scarf pattern and all the steps you need to cover before writing it up.

The course had a basic scarf pattern to make up, as well as a build your own motif design to create your own unique designer scarf.

I have to admit that I haven’t yet had chance to make either of these designs but I will at some point. I will add them to my ever growing list of “To Makes” We all need that time to just sit and crochet mindlessly don’t we?

Anyway I’ll stop rambling now and let you have a lovely evening of Santa preparations. Please do share your scarf / shawl makes with me I would love to see them all.

Merry Christmas from Cosy Crochet

Marie x