Camo Lap Blanket

Good evening everyone hope you are all well? All settling into the new norm? Anyone else feel like a child again? Do it this way, actually no do it that way? Don’t know about you but I don’t seem to know what to do for the best at minute.

Anyway I got asked by a fisherman to make a lap blanket in traditional camouflage and boy did I have trouble getting this yarn. It was either sold out everywhere I looked or really expensive.

I opted for Red Heart Super Saver as for what it was needed for looked like the best option. When it arrived I was super excited to get started. I decided to go with c2c to add to the chunky feel of the yarn.

It took 5 skeins to complete, purely because I ran out a few rows from the end of finishing, (annoying) so as I had to order another one, I added a simple border and a pocket for what ever fishermen need a pocket for. Everyone loves a pocket right?

I think it turned out pretty cool in the end, I do hope the customer likes it as much as I do. It make a great change to make something male orientated it’s not often we do in this craft so it make a great change.

Thanks for reading, take care

Marie @ Cosy Crochet

Crochet Diploma – Module 10

Well I’m not doing as well as I’d hoped from my last diploma blog, in fact I have been very lazy this Christmas, like very lazy, Anyone else?

I did module 10 and its all about Afghans (blankets to you and I), who has a favourite blanket? Why is it your favourite? My favourite is my Changing Tides Cal Blanket I completed this year, Love it so much.

It covered all the different types of afghans, a size guide for each and the best yarns to use for each, which was really useful as we all tend to opt for our favourite yarn to work with and that’s not always the best, depending on the type of blanket.

Types of Blanket

  • Afghan / Throw
  • Beadspread
  • Baby Blanket
  • Lapghan
  • Graphgan
  • Scrapgan (who knew lol)

And there you thought a blanket was just a blanket right, how wrong a statement that is lol.

The module covered the types of construction, back and forth in rows, motifs, join as you go, Pictures and guided you through your own design process from how to start out to get the right dimensions (UGH Maths) through to construction and writing up your own design.

I really should adopt the calculation method more when starting my blankets, I tend to just pick up a hook and my favourite yarn and away I go and tend to gauge it by sight rather than actuals, anyone else do this? I’m not alone on this surely?

The final part of this module was a pattern for a lapghan for you to make up yourself, this has been added to my ever growing “I MUST MAKE LIST”

Will I ever get through them all? who knows maybe one day.

Have a lovely day, remember to share your favourite blankey with me would love to see them.

Take Care

Marie (Cosy Crochet)