Dodo Number 2

You may remember the baby Dodo I made a while back, well I decided to make a little girl one hatching from her egg.

They are popular gifts for babies due with a Mauritius link so she didn’t last long either and is on her way to her new owner as I type this blog.

I do love making these though so I should imagine you will see more soon.

Dead as a Dodo

Well George was fun to do, albeit a little fiddly, He looks very perplexed I wonder what he is thinking?

That we may all be like him soon and extinct maybe? who knows at the moment what is actually to happen, stay home and safe is all we can do until we are told otherwise.

Strange flightless birds the Dodo, however, I find them quite fun and cute so when I saw the pattern in a new book that I received I just had to make him. I decided to do George in stripy shorts instead of the egg hatching option.

The book was from Amazon and is Amigurumi Treasures and there are some fabulous designs in it, very quirky, all written by Erinna Lee. Might do the platypus or the sloth next.

Well Happy Friday (it is Friday right?) I hope George made you smile.

Stay safe and well

Marie @ Cosy Crochet