Charity Crochet

On the final module of my Diploma there was a section dedicated to Charity Crochet, places to donate your knitted or crocheted items which will help raise money for different charities. Now I knew of one of them as the promotion comes around every year from a well know drinks company but the others I wasn’t aware of.

The Mother Bear Project

Provides children suffering with HIV/AIDS comfort from a hand knitted / crocheted bears. Each bear has a tag / message signed by the maker to the child sending them love.

I think this is just beautiful, I will definitely be following them on Facebook and sending some bears in the not too distant future. Click on the header above to go to their website.


Contact Oxfam and see what they want from you, I never realised they welcome so many handmade items as a donation. Especially blankets, they take these to festivals and raise quite a bit of money from them. What a great idea, so if you have a stash laying around that you were thinking of clearing out, contact Oxfam I’m sure they will be delighted to take them off your hands.

Knit for Peace UK

This is one that I didn’t know about, click in the header and take a look at all the ways that you can donate or help different causes, from abused women to jumpers for Africa. I’ve just signed up to their mailing list so I can get involved when this current crisis has passed.

The Big Knit

Now I think we’ve all come across this one, due to it being in association with innocent smoothie drinks, so their advertising brings this to the forefront of all knitters / crocheters. Raising money for Age UK by making tiny hats which sit onto of their smoothie bottles which normally appear in shops aroundNovember time. The amount of tiny hats they receive is just fabulous and I can only imagine seeing them all in their millions waiting to be placed on top of a bottle.

If you click the link (header) it will take you to their page which has free patterns for you to download and make, there is a deadline for each year though so keep your eye on it.

Loving Hands

What a lovely site, well worth clicking and reading what they do and the charities they help support. A lovely feel to their website and a place where you can chat and share and help communities raise monies for people in need. I have bookmarked all of these websites and I’m sure I have plenty of things stashed away that I can donate. Time for a clear out I think.

Have a lovely Wednesday, Stay home and safe, make the most of this beautiful spring day in your gardens.

Thanks you for reading, I hope you will take a look at some of the sites and help if you are able.

Take Care, Marie @ Cosy Crochet

Crochet Diploma Modules 15, 16 and 17

Well that’s it I’ve completed it, these last 3 modules covered starting your own business. Venues (craft fairs, farmers markets, car boots) and Advertising, Online marketing, Social Media, Opening your own shop and monitoring each of these so that you know what’s working best for you.

It covered financing and budgeting from incomings v outgoings to pricing of items (always an issue for crafters) to gaining financial backing to start your own business.

Taxes / VAT and HMRC registering, and how to keep a record to make submitting taxes easier. Anyone registered with the HMRC for their craft? I tried to years ago but because I never actually make a profit to not bother registering till I make a profit of £1000, that is never going to happen so have never revisited it, anyone know if this has changed? I am always in the negative profit as I cannot resist that yarn or new book or new pattern and never charge what I should Ha Ha.

The module also covered how to write up a business plan, which is crucial if you intend to start your own business and require financial backing. This section was very informative and gave you simplistic breakdowns of each section and how to approach it.

So overall, even though I don’t plan to open a shop, or run a stall etc, I found these last three modules very interesting. So if you are planning to start your own business then it’s really useful.

Thanks for reading, stay safe, stay home

Take Care, Marie @ Cosy Crochet

Crochet Diploma – Module 14

First Steps

Hi again, we are now into the business side of things, after this one I may group the final 3 together, I’m not planning to run Cosy Crochet as I business as I don’t want it to take the fun away from what I enjoy.

The module takes you through all the types of Crochet businesses and I definitely fall into the bespoke category and will make something if requested, otherwise I make what my heart wants to make and if someone wants it then brilliant.

  • Bespoke
  • Retail
  • Pattern Sales
  • Crochet Lessons

These are your four categories and I would like to do lessons one day, I think, I know how hard I found it when I first started so would like to pass onto others how easily it can click in place. Something for the future maybe?

The module did go into the value of finding your target audience and how you can narrow this down by giving you an extensive series of questions to ask to aide this. So if you are planing to make a business from your craft these are really useful.

It also covered Copy-write Do’s and Dont’s which was really good and you can find all the information you need on the website if you are unsure. It can be a really tricky nightmare for a crafter to know if they are allowed to sell items made from a pattern or not so it would be good to refer to this if you are unsure. The link above will take you direct to the page you need, if not search for Knitting & Sewing patterns in their search bar and it should come up ay the top.

I’m happy as I am at the moment, I enjoy what I do and don’t want any added business pressure to ruin that. I would NOT encourage others not to go for it though, if you can make a business from something you love then you should go for it, Why not?

Love to you all, bye for now,

Marie @ Cosy Crochet

Crochet Diploma – Module 12

Its in the bag

Morning all, how are you all doing today?

I decided to continue with my diploma course today as I only have a few more modules to go, so it’s the perfect time right now isn’t it?

This module was all about making bags, all the different type of bags, methods, stitches, tensions, yarn etc. It covered some neat tips and tricks for sturdiness of bags also, which has made me want to use up some my yarn stash and have another go.

I have made a few bags previously but now after doing this module you realise where you went wrong with them and how I can make them more durable.

There is a nice pattern to follow at then end of the module which I have printed off and will make so wait and watch this space for a blog to follow I’m sure it won’t be long with all this free time.

Have a lovely day, stay safe, stay busy, stay sane.

Love Marie @ Cosy Crochet

Crochet Diploma – Module 9

Good evening all, the big man arrives very soon now are you all ready? I think by the amount of traffic in town this afternoon everyone is panic buying still.

I thought I had better do some more of my diploma as it’s been a while, I am hoping to complete it over the Christmas break, what do you think my chances are (ha ha)?

Module 9 was all about Scarves and Shawls and what a great time of year to cover these. Who doesn’t love snuggling into a nice warm scarf on these cold winter days?

The module covered all the different types of scarves / shawls that you can make and all the basic lengths, widths, yarns to use for each.

  • Neckerchief
  • Summer Scarf
  • Full length / Winter scarf
  • Triangle Shawl
  • Rectangle Shawl
  • Infinity Scarf
  • Unique Construction, Wait, What? (basically go wild with your own crazy mosaic design).

The module guided you how to design your own scarf pattern and all the steps you need to cover before writing it up.

The course had a basic scarf pattern to make up, as well as a build your own motif design to create your own unique designer scarf.

I have to admit that I haven’t yet had chance to make either of these designs but I will at some point. I will add them to my ever growing list of “To Makes” We all need that time to just sit and crochet mindlessly don’t we?

Anyway I’ll stop rambling now and let you have a lovely evening of Santa preparations. Please do share your scarf / shawl makes with me I would love to see them all.

Merry Christmas from Cosy Crochet

Marie x