Crochet Diploma – Module 8

Wow – this one certainly got the brain working, I am not the best at maths, I’ll be the first to admit it and when it comes to x = y well…………..

This module was all about starting your journey as a designer, it opens with the following paragraph “Crocheters seem to fall into 2 groups, Those the will jump straight in and those that are hesitant” After covering this module I think I am more of a hesitant one now.

It covered inspiration and looking at everything around you with yarn eyes, take a minute have a look around you and focus on something. What yarn would you use to make it, what stitch / texture would best suit I, could it actually be make, or what would you use that design for, what could you turn it into. The world is full of inspiration it is all around us we just need to be open to looking at everything differently right?

It discussed carrying a journal with you, a design notebook if you like so that if you see something you can note it, draw diagrams, note colours and textures so that when you get back home you don’t forget that moment. Also good practice to keep a bank of ideas to draw on when you have one of those “what shall I do now?” moments, we all have them don’t we?

The module covered Draping and how to swatch for garments to find the best yarn to use for the desired result. Sizing and working with ease to get the best from your garments fit. Providing some handy guide charts so save for the future, all great so far loving it, Then……….

The Maths (shocked face)

The module moved onto shaping your garment and the calculations required to get the desired fit through increasing and decreasing, mind blown at this point and I put myself straight into the hesitant category of I’ll follow patterns for garments for the rest of my life, Ha Ha.

I won’t go into too much detail and scare you all off doing this course but I mean look

  • Stitches per 2.5cm(tension) = t
  • Desired circumference or width/2.5 = c
  • Stitch Count at the start of inc = n
  • Total inc = x
  • In short t(c)-n=x

Got it? No? Me either not yet, I have more work to do I think. It doesn’t stop there as this is only the start from this you then go onto height which is whole new bunch of letters added to these already created. Hmmmmmmmm Help??????

It will click won’t it? Onto Module 9 it is then.

A very confused Marie (Cosy Crochet)

Have a great Sunday