Beach Combing Cushion

Remember the blanket I did in lockdown? The Beach Combing Blanket CAL from the amazing Coastal Crochet?

Well I had lots of cotton yarn left so I decided to do a matching cushion to sit alongside the blanket on my bed.

I did a simple C2C backing for the cushion and lined it with a old pillow case then stuffed it with fibre fill.

I decided to add a scalloped edging, regretted it once I started but glad I persevered with it.

I picked my favourite square from the whole blanket and and to juggle the colours around a bit but very happy with the outcome.

Thank you for reading

Marie @cosycrochetbymarie x

Got it back :-)

Good afternoon everyone, I am so very happy to report that on this miserable rainy Saturday here in the UK that I have my Crojo back. I completed two wonderful projects this week and started a third and I just had to share them with you ASAP.

Firstly as it’s that spooky time of year I made an Halloween Bear and he is just so cute, I purchased the pattern from EmmyToysDesign through Etsy. After spotting it on Facebook I just had to get it. What do you think? He was the one to ignite my hook again, thank you Pumpkin (yes I literally just named him pumpkin right now quite fitting I think)

My second project was The Late Summer Sunsets Blanket, pack supplied by the Knitting Network using their new DK Go yarn which is just amazing to work with, and the pattern supplied by the super talented Eleonora Tully @coastalcrochet. This is my second blanket from Coastal Crochet this year she is such a great designer.

I love these colours and on such a miserable day like to day it just adds that summer smile to my face, just beautiful.

Anyway I had to share them both with you and I hope you like them?

Have a lovely weekend everyone

Take Care

Marie x (Cosy Crochet)


Diamond Art

Happy weekend everyone, the season as most certainly shifted hasn’t it. Felt like winter last night and this morning I don’t know about autumn.

So following on from my Crojo Missing blog last week I would like to thank you all for your words of support and suggestions on what to do. I took some of those words of advice and have had a break, I have not picked up a hook all week and this morning over my coffee I was looking at my WIP’s thinking I’m going to finish you, with a squinted determined look, so it worked :-).

In the meantime though I have tried my hand at something completely different which I have loved and have to say a little bit addicted to it.

I brought a small diamond art kit to try, well over a year ago, and it has just been sat there gathering dust. Last Sunday I decided I will give it a try, I was home alone so though why not. I finished it within a few hours and promptly ordered 2 more larger kits to do as Christmas gifts. I am over half way through one of these already in hope I can get them completely as quick as possible so I can go and get them framed ready to wrap.

Anyone else done any diamond art? I so wish I had started it sooner so therapeutic (until you drop the diamonds everywhere that is lol).

Anyway I hope you all have a lovey weekend, despite the rain.

See you all soon

Take care

Marie @ Cosy Crochet x

Crojo Missing – Send HELP!

Good evening everyone, hope you are all well?

You haven’t heard from me in a while and this is because I have lost my crojo, as in it’s really gone and left me. I have so many WIPS on the go and so many projects I want to start but I seem to just sit and stare at them rather than get on with them at the moment.

It’s not just crochet either, seems to be life in general at the moment so I am writing this today in hope that you guys can give me some inspiration to get going again.

I haven’t done anymore on my courses either, I should’ve really finished these by now, but no just nothing. Is it the season changing? Have I just lost my way a little? anyone else ever feel this way? Just disconnected from everything….

Current projects outstanding

  • Temp Blanket, still not done any of this since my last blog about it.
  • Sunset Blanket, now this is beautiful and will look stunning but again I have come to a standstill on it.
  • Baby Santa suit, this should’ve been completed months ago.
  • Crochet Society Box No 3
  • Little Box of Crochet, The pillow, the next box will be out soon (Hitting head with palm emoji).
  • New Books still unopened.
  • Ideas a plenty for Christmas, not even started.

I haven’t even been on here reading all your wonderful blogs for inspiration, please send help ASAP.

Fingers crossed this quick blog kicks my butt into gear again and I make a quick come back.

Anyway, Take Care

Speak Soon

Marie (Cosy Crochet)