Christmas Cal p4

Oh its so big and snuggly now, 2 more weeks to go and I can’t wait to finish it and see it in it’s full glory. There is a bonus to making blankets this time of the year though they do keep you warm whilst working on them.

It was back to the mountains, trees and christmas kisses from part 2 again this week. I do love this mosaic work that creates the trees, I have never done this kind of crochet before so glad we got to do another set of them.

I was a little late completing this week due to illness over the weekend and first part of the week but as soon as I could I wanted to crack on with it ready for part 5 being released in the morning.

I finished it late on Tuesday night but wanted to wait till we had some sunshine before taking the pictures of it today, I do think it makes my work so much better in the sun.

Thank you so much ladies I am loving each row

  • The Crochet Sanctuary
  • The Wee House of Crochet
  • Lynda’s Craft Room

Thanks for reading, take care and stay safe everyone

Marie @cosycrochetbymarie

Christmas CAL P3

Wow we are half way through already and its getting big and heavy to work with now, but keeps you warm in the process, bonus at this time of the year.

This week was one huge snowflake of bobbles, which I’m a little disappointed in to be fair they seem quite flat and I keep pushing them back through, plus I miss counted on one of the small ones and now can not see past it.

Debating whether I should frog it and do it again, will it bug me too much or can I get past it, that is the question, what do you think?

Look at that miss count grrrrr

As another lockdown looms over us this week the remainder of this CAL will be completed during it so I am so thankful that I will have it to keep me sane. Not sure I would get through it again without my hooks and yarn, anyone else?
Starting to feel like it’s never going to end now.

Stay safe and take care everyone, and as always thank you for reading.

Thank you as always to all the ladies below for writing an amazing pattern

Marie @cosycrochetbymarie

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Christmas Eve Blanket CAL

Part 1

Last Friday saw the start of another CAL I wasn’t going to do but then couldn’t resist. I finished Part 1 last night but wanted to wait until today to take the pictures for today’s blog.

This may sound weird to you but straight blankets done in rows scare me a little, I always mess my counting up and lose or gain stitches and get quite a few rows in thinking I’m doing really well then I lay it flat and see the wavy sides. I spend more time frogging than crocheting.

So stitch markers at the ready, yarn arrived and wound into cakes ready, pattern downloaded and printed – lets do this!

Knitting Network supplied the packs for the cal, there are actually two CALS running Christmas Eve and Morning, Eve in Stylecraft Aran and Morning in style craft DK. I opted for the Eve pack purely on colour choice.

Alas the stitch markers didn’t help with less frogging, UGH, plenty of frogging, tears and a few tantrums where had BUT I persevered through and counting is key on this CAL that’s for sure.

What a pattern though and I now have a new favourite stitch, tiny dc popcorns they’re so cute I love them. And those giant bobble snowflakes were certainly a challenge but don’t they look great?

So happy with it and cannot wait until Part 2 tomorrow.

Look at those tiny silver bobbles, love them, fabulous pattern.

Pattern collaborated by

  • The Crochet Sanctuary
  • Lyndas Craft Room
  • The Wee House of Crochet

Have a lovely evening / weekend everyone and thank you for reading I do appreciate you taking the time too.

Marie @cosycrochetbymarie