Changing Tides x 2

After recently adding a new puppy to my collection of schnauzers and posting numerous pictures on line of him. My changing tides blanket by coastal crochet got spotted and requested to be made.

Jumping at the chance to make this beautiful blanket again I reached for my laptop and ordered the yarn. Same colour palette but different shades.

I love how these colours pop on this blanket, I didn’t want to hand it over when it was time too.

It will certainly keep its new owner warm over the coming cold months ahead plus add some much needed beach and sea colours for that vitamin D injection.



Picnic on the Beach Blanket – Week 6

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a lovely long Easter break? Who ate their body weight in chocolate? Or drank way more than they should’ve?

I spent mine decorating, garden tidying and week 6 of my blanket was completed yesterday. Back to work for me tomorrow so I plan to relax and not do much today to mentally prepare ha ha.

This week we added more to the side panels and it was all about the hearts and sunsets. Look at those sunsets I loved making them and they look amazing.

I don’t think there are many weeks left now it’s gone so quickly, but I can’t wait to see what this weeks instalment will be. Roll on Friday.

It’s a short week for most here in the UK this week so enjoy it whatever you’re doing, thanks for reading.

Take Care, Marie x x

CAL Week 8

Beach Combing Blanket

Good evening everyone, I hope you’ve had a good weekend, It has been very hot and sunny here in the UK and I hope you have made the most of it safely.

Well this weeks rows, inspired by waves, 12 puff stitch waves continuing on the top and bottom edges of the blanket. Sounded a breeze this week, how wrong could I have been.

I could not get my rows to line up, no matter what I did, I frogged so many times and had to turn to the group on Facebook for help. Turns out I was right on the first go, GRRRRRR #annoying #lol.

Not many more weeks to go now cannot believe how quick it has gone to be honest, seems like only a couple of weeks ago that we all started. I cannot wait till it’s all finished now though and it’s in my new home.

Roll on week 9, wishing my life away on a blanket here lol, ahhhhh crochet love.

Thanks for reading, Stay Safe

Be back soon

Marie @ Cosy Crochet

Beach Combing Blanket CAL

Week 2

Happy Sunday, I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather safely.

So Friday saw the second week released of the CAL I started last week. I was up and out of bed straight away as I had something to get up for, PC on, E-mail opened, Pattern Downloaded, Printing in process. I don’t think my eyes had even opened properly.

A quick read through the pattern revealed “No Crab Stitch” phew, also I need to make two squares this week YAY!

What a great start to this week, ammonite, and as you are working it round then start adding colours you can literally visualise it on the beach.

I won’t bore you anymore and let you look at both my squares, loved this week and cannot wait till Friday. I might do another one alongside it made up of my yarn stash, maybe it will clear out some bit’s and bobs laying around.

Enjoy the rest of your lovely Sunday, Thanks for reading and Take Care.

Love Marie @CosyCrochet

Crochet Diploma Modules 15, 16 and 17

Well that’s it I’ve completed it, these last 3 modules covered starting your own business. Venues (craft fairs, farmers markets, car boots) and Advertising, Online marketing, Social Media, Opening your own shop and monitoring each of these so that you know what’s working best for you.

It covered financing and budgeting from incomings v outgoings to pricing of items (always an issue for crafters) to gaining financial backing to start your own business.

Taxes / VAT and HMRC registering, and how to keep a record to make submitting taxes easier. Anyone registered with the HMRC for their craft? I tried to years ago but because I never actually make a profit to not bother registering till I make a profit of £1000, that is never going to happen so have never revisited it, anyone know if this has changed? I am always in the negative profit as I cannot resist that yarn or new book or new pattern and never charge what I should Ha Ha.

The module also covered how to write up a business plan, which is crucial if you intend to start your own business and require financial backing. This section was very informative and gave you simplistic breakdowns of each section and how to approach it.

So overall, even though I don’t plan to open a shop, or run a stall etc, I found these last three modules very interesting. So if you are planning to start your own business then it’s really useful.

Thanks for reading, stay safe, stay home

Take Care, Marie @ Cosy Crochet

CAL – Week 7

Hello, Happy Bank Holiday everyone I do hope you are all doing something nice today?

So I finished week 7 of my Changing Tides Cal last night, It’s getting big now so the rounds are taking longer. I do love looking at it once each week is done and marvelling how so many different methods of crochet are coming together to make this beautiful blanket.

What do you think now? This week is inspired by natural sea glass formed over time and sand, you can see the hidden row of green (sea glass) between the yellow and blue of the sand and waves

Thank you Coastal crochet, I do love everything you make.

Have a lovely day everyone

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x

Be a SmarterU get your coffee by clicking here (UK) and here (US)

New Bag

I hope you have all managed to have a nice long weekend and a great Bank Holiday Monday, anyone done anything exciting? Who’s been away for the weekend and took their current projects with them?

I’m afraid it’s been a very quiet one for me due to illness so not much crochet progress made. I managed to get week 4 of the CAL completed and that is about it. I was feeling a little better this morning so after being couped up in the house for 3 days I needed to get out for some fresh air.

We took a ride to Litchfield (random maybe) but we do love the place, not many shops but good ones, great cafes and coffee shops, loads of real ale bars serving fab food so hey what’s not to like, oh and a beautiful cathedral, just stunning.

Anyway, I managed one shop, that’s right one shop but still it was good to be out. In that one shop, however, I did get myself a new bag to house my yarn when I’m on the move, and yes I did get all excited about it. However my other half cannot quite believe I have brought a Billabong bag for my wool, what does he know right? I think it’s perfect look….

I did of course take a small project with me for the car journey, which was suitably homed in the new bag for the return journey. My mum wants a runner for her new dining table so started her one in cotton and managed to get quite a bit done in the hours drive.


I do love my new bag, I may be mad but I really don’t care it will travel around with me so watch this space for My Billabong Crochet Adventures ha ha 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday Monday, Game of Thrones again for me (2nd time today).

Bye for now, See you soon

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x

Hands Up

Who wants the lovely weather we had at Easter back?

I know I certainly do, just seen a news notification pop up saying there is possible snow for some of the UK this Bank Holiday weekend, seriously? Yesterday’s notification was for a 3 month heat wave. Make your minds up people you’re messing with my mind and wardrobe lol.

I love nothing more than getting home from work, opening up the house getting all the cushions on the garden furniture, openening up the bar (yes we are lucky enough to have one on our garden) getting a cold drink and a WIP and sitting in the sun with the pooches crocheting. Ahhhhh roll on summer please.

Anyone else with me?

Do you like working outside when it’s nice?


This was last summer and we have a third bum to join in with the summer sun fun this year so watch this space. Although I really think I need to emigrate.

Come on, lets will on the sunshine together, We can do this!!

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x