Granny Squares

Love them or hate them there is no denying that you cannot beat them for a quick, easy and effective blanket. So with this lockdown nightmare continuing, combined with having a clear out, I came across some yarn I brought from a pound-shop on a lodge holiday last year. I loved the colours but was unsure what to make so as with the rest of my stash to the back of the shelf they went.

Out it came a couple of weeks ago and a square was formed and grew. I only had 6 balls of it so had no idea how big it would get, so using a larger than recommended hook, I just kept going until I knew I wouldn’t have enough yarn to go around anymore. I also found a ball of the same yarn in a nice bright orange colour which would be excellent for a border.

It has made a decent enough size at 35inch square so would be great for a pram / pushchair / cot or Childs lap blanket. The colours are amazing you get that warm summer to autumn feel from it, and it washed beautifully soft. Planning a stash buster one to get rid of all the odd pieces of yarn, who knows how that will turn out or how big ;-).

Whilst I was making this blanket a close friend was stating to learn to crochet. Great to see lockdown and furlough going to some good use. She didn’t just attempt to learn she went all in and decided to try her own granny square blanket, Look at what she achieved in a week for her first crochet project.

Just amazing, having passed my Crochet Diploma recently I felt like a proud tutor, mentor, mum, big sis and best friend all rolled into one. Not only did she make this blanket she also made her very own stitch markers and sent me a couple as well. Love them Millie well done and keep going I cannot wait to see what you produce next.

Hope you’re all being productive in these uncertain times.

Thanks for reading, stay safe, stay home and take care

Love Marie @ Cosy Crochet

Crafty DIY

Well I think we are all well and truly back into the normal swing of things again aren’t we? The first full week back at work for the majority is now over, how are we all feeling?

Even though I have been back to work I still have managed to complete two more Baby Yoda’s which are ready for their new homes, I think these are the final two for a while, but I have so loved making them. He is just so god dam cute.

Time to change the colours around on my WIP trolley, Oh my days I haven’t told you about my DIY WIP trolley, my Facebook followers know of my project but I’ve failed you my blog readers, apologies (I have been busy)

Lets make up for that shall we. On a visit to Hobbycraft recently I saw their storage trollies were half price, luckily I had not yet been paid so I didn’t buy one but was planning to return to get one before they all sold out.

Brainwave (yes it does happen sometimes). I quickly opened my Amazon app and searched for storage trollies on wheels. There is was a veg trolly on wheels, reduced, and on prime so I would have it the next day “Buy now with 1 click’ job done. Dangerous that buy in now with 1 click button.

It arrived as predicted the following day and I quickly assembled only to notice that the gaps on each ledge where far too wide for my little bits and bobs. I took the box it came in and started carving it up to make some shelves for each ledge.

I knew I had some material stashed away somewhere so on the hunt I went, oh lord searching through my stash is never a good thing, but I went straight to it (meant to be was going through my head).

So how do we attach this to the cardboard quickly then, I have no patients so couldn’t possibly wait, Glue? Hmmm didn’t work so well, Stables? Errrr not so great either. I know just sellotape it? brilliant this worked the quickest and easiest of them all.

This does mean that I have 1 Glued, 1 Stapled and 1 sellotaped, Hey third time lucky right, don’t judge, I may be good with a hook and some yarn but other crafty things not so much lol.

My favourite part of it is that I can hang my array of stitch markers on it as a feature. I also found these mini storage baskets at the range and knew they where perfect.

End result = Happy Me

So now all my Yoda’s are out of the way I can change the colours on my shelves and move the projects up and of course add a new one.

Now to start on these beautiful cakes, I do hope they work for what I have planned for them, watch this space to see.

Have a lovely weekend all and show me what you are working on whatever that may be, I do love to see your work.

Marie @ CosyCrochet

What to Charge?

Every crafters dilemma, what to charge for your makes?

  • Is it to much?
  • Is it enough? (never)
  • Is it worth it?
  • Is my work good enough to warrant it?

A couple of days ago I completed my second Baby Yoda but I did a little experiment on him this time. I wrote all my times down that I worked on him. I never normally do this as I have never really thought about it but you always get a few people that screw their faces up when you say a price OR just never reply to you again once you have messaged them with the cost.

He took me a total of 12.5 hours, give or take a couple of minutes, which may not sound a lot but when you multiply that up by the National Living Wage in the UK that’s over £100. That’s without adding any materials to this.

No one in their right mind would pay you what its worth ever, so it begs the question is it worth it?

Of course it is we do what we do because we love our craft no matter what that craft may be. It does show you how much effort, time and love does go into my makes though.

So the next time you ask someone how much a quality handmade item is, and you don’t like the response they give you, just remember what went into making it.

We do our craft because we love it so will never complain but it does make you think when its down on paper in black and white.

Love your crafters, they love what they do for your enjoyment in most cases.

Anyway, have a lovely evening it’s Friday already, Happy Weekend

Take Care

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x