CAL – Week 3

Good Morning everyone, I managed to complete week 3 of the Coastal Crochet CAL, changing tides blanket, last night. It was only 4 rounds this week but it was the lace bobble / pebbles as they are known for this blanket. Love them, they do take a while to work up but look at them they are so worth it.

Can’t wait for week 4, is it friday yet?

Thank You Coastal Crochet, what an amazing pattern, I think I will be purchasing this pattern so I can make more in differenct colours in the future.

Have a lovely day everyone, the sun is back out again after the storms over last couple of days so make the most of it.

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x


CAL – Week 2

Hi everyone, what a lovely Bank holiday weekend we have had weather wise, with record-breaking temperatures in the UK. Just fabulous it was, did you get up to much? anything good and exciting?

We managed to get to the coast with the dogs on Sunday, and here and there the rest of it. Great weekend was had.

I managed to sneak some rounds in here and there on week 2 of The Changing Tides Blanket Crochet Along. Wow this is so addictive, I finished last night and loving how it looks and learning lots which is always good.

Had to do some restarting a few times and gained a few too many stitches on some rounds so had to try and lose them in others but back on track and week 2 is complete.

Roll on Friday for week 3, can’t wait to find out what is next.

Enjoy the rest of this lovely weather if you can.

Take care

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x


CAL Week 1

Hi, well I have completed week 1, a little late, but it’s done in time for week 2 being released this morning.

Talk about emotions, wow, I’ve gone from excitement – getting started, frustration – too busy to start it, Anger – once started struggled to get my head around rounds that shouldn’t have been an issue, Panic – need to finish before week 2, YES!!! mastered the pebbles and finished. Breathe……..

I love it and learnt in the process that I actually crochet in US terms rather than UK (hmmmmm?) Anyone else from the UK do this?

Anyway here is yesterdays journey…….

Super excited to start week 2 now and continue this journey with everyone. The pebbles were great to do, very time-consuming but well worth it, and surprisingly easier than I thought they would be.


Need more pebbles in my life x

Take Care

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x