Beach Combing Cushion

Remember the blanket I did in lockdown? The Beach Combing Blanket CAL from the amazing Coastal Crochet?

Well I had lots of cotton yarn left so I decided to do a matching cushion to sit alongside the blanket on my bed.

I did a simple C2C backing for the cushion and lined it with a old pillow case then stuffed it with fibre fill.

I decided to add a scalloped edging, regretted it once I started but glad I persevered with it.

I picked my favourite square from the whole blanket and and to juggle the colours around a bit but very happy with the outcome.

Thank you for reading

Marie @cosycrochetbymarie x


Camo Lap Blanket

Good evening everyone hope you are all well? All settling into the new norm? Anyone else feel like a child again? Do it this way, actually no do it that way? Don’t know about you but I don’t seem to know what to do for the best at minute.

Anyway I got asked by a fisherman to make a lap blanket in traditional camouflage and boy did I have trouble getting this yarn. It was either sold out everywhere I looked or really expensive.

I opted for Red Heart Super Saver as for what it was needed for looked like the best option. When it arrived I was super excited to get started. I decided to go with c2c to add to the chunky feel of the yarn.

It took 5 skeins to complete, purely because I ran out a few rows from the end of finishing, (annoying) so as I had to order another one, I added a simple border and a pocket for what ever fishermen need a pocket for. Everyone loves a pocket right?

I think it turned out pretty cool in the end, I do hope the customer likes it as much as I do. It make a great change to make something male orientated it’s not often we do in this craft so it make a great change.

Thanks for reading, take care

Marie @ Cosy Crochet

Mums Runner

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you are all well? firstly I need to apologise for being radio silent this week I have been very busy creating and finishing off a few things so hopefully over the weekend I’ll be able to show you them all.

Last Sunday I finished a table runner for my mums new dining table, she always got loads of tea towels folded in half and laid them in the centre of the table to put all the hot dishes on for the Sunday roast so I decided to make a runner out of cotton to match her decor and table, so she no longer needs to drag out all her tea towels then wash them all afterwards.

It didn’t take long to make using c2c, my first time using cotton though, not very forgiving is it? but the affect is lovely and mum loves it. I must admit it does look rather nice and will hopefully wash easily for her so she can use it for years to come.

I used a hook size lower than stated for the cotton yarn to make it a little tighter and it seems to have worked. The problem I had that my decreasing side wasn’t as straight as the increasing side so was a little worried that a border would not pull it back into shape. I edged it with a single dc all round then decided to put a scalloped border in a different colour which worked fine on the straight side, not so much on the uneven side, so instead of skipping one chain to work the 5dc I skipped 2 and it levelled it out nicely. If it hadn’t I was starting again and I didn’t fancy doing that.

I’m fairly new to c2c is this always the case with the decreasing side? or am I doing something wrong maybe, either way I don’t think it’s too obvious that I skipped more stitches on one side than the other.

I think the colours match quite nicely, and it definitely serves it’s purpose.

Have a great Friday

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x

New Bag

I hope you have all managed to have a nice long weekend and a great Bank Holiday Monday, anyone done anything exciting? Who’s been away for the weekend and took their current projects with them?

I’m afraid it’s been a very quiet one for me due to illness so not much crochet progress made. I managed to get week 4 of the CAL completed and that is about it. I was feeling a little better this morning so after being couped up in the house for 3 days I needed to get out for some fresh air.

We took a ride to Litchfield (random maybe) but we do love the place, not many shops but good ones, great cafes and coffee shops, loads of real ale bars serving fab food so hey what’s not to like, oh and a beautiful cathedral, just stunning.

Anyway, I managed one shop, that’s right one shop but still it was good to be out. In that one shop, however, I did get myself a new bag to house my yarn when I’m on the move, and yes I did get all excited about it. However my other half cannot quite believe I have brought a Billabong bag for my wool, what does he know right? I think it’s perfect look….

I did of course take a small project with me for the car journey, which was suitably homed in the new bag for the return journey. My mum wants a runner for her new dining table so started her one in cotton and managed to get quite a bit done in the hours drive.


I do love my new bag, I may be mad but I really don’t care it will travel around with me so watch this space for My Billabong Crochet Adventures ha ha 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday Monday, Game of Thrones again for me (2nd time today).

Bye for now, See you soon

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x


Happy Friday Everyone, Hope you all have nice plans for the weekend?

So……Work in Progress, how many do we all have on the go?

I have more than my anxious mind can seem to handle and it’s only a handful. Why does it make me feel anxious and that I need to get everything finished. I would love to be able to flit between projects without caring but I really do prefer finishing before starting something else. Anyone else the same?

Not sure the Temp Blanket was the best idea for me, One row per day is killing me (1) I’ve already started it once (2) I don’t like to just do one row at time (3) It’s going to be huge (4) Where will I store it (5) What the hell am I going to do with it?

I have my rug, I still have not restarted it after running out of the second colour yarn.


I have one I am now calling my Nemesis, hmmmmm! more to follow on him soon I hope.


The CAL starts today and all I’ve wanted to do is start it, work couldn’t end quick enough then the day has just got away with me. All I have had chance to do is look at the picture on Facebook (then panicked) I can’t do that lol.

Bring it on……………….



Plus I have a birthday present to start and finish this weekend. Oh my lord, anxiety overload, where’s my hook and breathe….

Happy Weekend Everyone

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x



Following on from Unravel I decided to redress my Temp Blanket Cont….. I spend a few hours one afternoon last week unraveling the whole two months worth of work and restarting over the weekend.

I decided to go with c2c and managed to catch up on January and February and I have to say I am really pleased with how it’s looking. It will still be huge but I quite like that idea now looking at it laid out.

I will be increasing each row till the end of June which will total 181 days, I will then start to decrease per day. This should leave me 3 days at the end of 2019 to add a border per day to finish the year. I am now excited to see how it’s going to work out, I have it in my mind so I am hoping that we have a summer like 2018 and it will look stunning with the hot colours I have planned. We’ve already a hint of it with that orange row.


Summer does seem so far away again with the current weather turn, not sure anyone expected the snow we woke up too on Sunday morning, hey we should expect it by now right?

I do hope this will be the last project that I re start for a while, I have decided that if I start to get a gut feeling something just isn’t right I will stop this time. (wrote with crossed fingers).

So I am going to go and get March up to date on my blanket so that I can be back to one row per day and onto something else I am looking forward to doing. Watch this space 🙂

Have a lovely evening

Take Care

Marie x


Ever feel like life is unraveling in front of your eyes and you just sit and watch?

For whatever reason we all feel this way sometimes and it can vary from something trivial to something serious. Either way we often sit there for a while and watch before deciding what to do about it.

This has been happening to me recently on big projects, I have been working through them quite rapidly and almost finished them and decided NO, I need to start again! For whatever reason starting again was the answer as I just wasn’t happy with them, we should never continue in something if we aren’t happy right?

I did however find the opposite happening with a large project over the weekend, I was almost finished and getting excited to put it in its place when hey presto, the yarn ran out. Ugh! I have been waiting to use this particular yarn for years and never really had the correct pattern for it until c2c came along. The yarn is really chunky and the further I got into the blanket (or so I thought) I decided it would be substantial enough to be a rug. So again I found myself unraveling the burgundy colour back to the start of the grey yarn, I am going to reduce it further by one more grey row and start decreasing with burgundy then hopefully I can finish.

Is this Karma’s way of saying stop doubting your work? Maybe but I’m a perfectionist and if I’m not happy with it I don’t believe anyone else will be either.

I’m also debating whether to start my Temp Blanket Cont…..again, I chose the wrong hook size and choice of pattern I just know it will be too big and out of proportion just after two months worth of rows. Should I start again now before going any further? I haven’t done any of March’s rows yet just in case. I think that might be my answer right there.

How frustrating, but everything happens for a reason right? and if you do become or feel unraveled in life then search because something good is in there and will shine through eventually.

Good Evening All

Marie x


White Stuff

Good Evening, I know I said I would blog more for you but I didn’t expect it to be straight away, I just couldn’t contain my excitement. So the white stuff known as Snow is covering the UK, with more set to come over night and the next few days. How much have you had? and who now dreads to hear the words snow on the weather forecast? I know I do, although I never really enjoyed as a child either but it’s worse now, even though we had it a lot worse than we do now, anyone else?

We didn’t have much but with temperatures plummeting to leave Ice and frozen snow still in places you know what that means don’t you? Yes, on day 30, I finally got to change colour on my Temperature Blanket. I couldn’t wait to finally get home out of the cold, turn the heating up, get the PJ’s on, lock the door on the cold, continue with my current Audiobook “A Secret History of Witches” and add a new colour. It was the first thing I did sat with a nice warm cuppa. I fear it will back to the usual colourings for the last 30 days but hey I got some blue in there YES!!



I also mastered decreasing last night and I will soon have a complete square, administering self pat on the back, I cannot actually believe how easy I now find it. Why is it with certain things we can try and try and fail numerous times, but then suddenly it clicks? Anyway I’m loving it, I will then need to decide on a border for it, best start searching through my book stash for inspiration.


WIP Discovered – Panic set in!

How can you forget a work in progress?

I have never done that, ever, is it my age? Should I be worried?

I completely forgot that I had started some amigurumi last year, I went to my crochet bag to store my new yarn away from my inquisitive cat, who clearly approved go my new purchase. PANIC! I must finish it, I have to confess to having OCD when it comes to amigurumi, I have to finish them as soon as I can. Not sure why? any other projects I can switch between them as to not get bored but not when I am making toys or animals. Anyone else the same?

What am I?


Short and Sweet this evening

Stay safe everyone, be snow & ice aware

Take Care

Marie x (Cosy Crochet)