A Cat on his Travels

Afternoon everyone, it’s a cold one today in the UK, I do hope if you’re out and about you’re wrapped up and keeping warm.

All this kitty needed was his fish back pack and off he goes. I found this pattern online and shared it on my socials as it was so cute and in came a request straight away. So I purchased the pattern and off I went, however I was asked to make it all black to match their own Kitty so with head in my hands at the thought of working it all in black I made a start.

He worked up really quickly and with the splashes of colour on his little boots, jumper and backpack the black worked out really well.

I wonder where he is off too? Any suggestions?

I think he’s off to fill his back pack with little fishies.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely weekend
Take care and stay safe

Marie @cosycrochetbymarie

Jack the Pumpkin King

Who doesn’t love this little guy? I’ve been on the hunt for a pattern for a while now and as soon as I saw this one I had to click on that buy now button.

I was going to make him bigger using the relevant size hook for the yarn but after reading through the pattern I decided to follow the designers guide. This did make it quite tough to work with especially on black yarn with a 2mm hook. I don’t think I’ve ever used a hook this small with yarn before.

So glad I persevered but by the time it came to the eyes I decided I didn’t want to use felt, nor did I want to do any more black crochet so I decided to hunt though my button mountain to see if I had 2 large enough that matched. Turned out I had 3 matching pairs so happy days.

I was making Jack for a dear friend who sadly passed at the weekend so she never got to see him and add him to her stash of makes she’s had from me. It was hard to finish him but I know she would have wanted me to so here he is.
He will now stay sat here with some memento’s that she gave me and I will pass him every time I go upstairs.

Designed by: – Monster Hook

Sleep well my beautiful angel I will miss you and our chats so very much but you are now at peace and pain free. Thank you for being my rock this year and you will always be in my heart”

Have a lovely evening everyone, thank you for reading
Stay safe and Take care

Marie @cosycrochetbymarie