Two little Unicorns

These two little beauties have been the hardest make ever. I don’t mean in complexity because they’re quite easy I mean trying to do them under traumatic circumstances.

At the beginning of May my dad was rushed into hospital with respiratory failure and it was touch and go for a while

Crochet is my go to to clear my head space and helps me deals with things. Not this time. I just couldn’t do it. I kept looking at the body parts lay in a basket and just didn’t know where to start.

Anyway as you can see I made a start and look at them aren’t they the cutest? My remit was a bright one and a light pink one. Think I nailed that????

Look at those little spiral tails love them x

Take care everyone and I’ll be back soon I have a huge project planned and can’t wait to start it.

PS dads home and on the mend in case you were wondering.

Have a lovely week everyone, thanks for reading

Marie x x