A Cat on his Travels

Afternoon everyone, it’s a cold one today in the UK, I do hope if you’re out and about you’re wrapped up and keeping warm.

All this kitty needed was his fish back pack and off he goes. I found this pattern online and shared it on my socials as it was so cute and in came a request straight away. So I purchased the pattern and off I went, however I was asked to make it all black to match their own Kitty so with head in my hands at the thought of working it all in black I made a start.

He worked up really quickly and with the splashes of colour on his little boots, jumper and backpack the black worked out really well.

I wonder where he is off too? Any suggestions?

I think he’s off to fill his back pack with little fishies.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely weekend
Take care and stay safe

Marie @cosycrochetbymarie


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