Charity Crochet

On the final module of my Diploma there was a section dedicated to Charity Crochet, places to donate your knitted or crocheted items which will help raise money for different charities. Now I knew of one of them as the promotion comes around every year from a well know drinks company but the others I wasn’t aware of.

The Mother Bear Project

Provides children suffering with HIV/AIDS comfort from a hand knitted / crocheted bears. Each bear has a tag / message signed by the maker to the child sending them love.

I think this is just beautiful, I will definitely be following them on Facebook and sending some bears in the not too distant future. Click on the header above to go to their website.


Contact Oxfam and see what they want from you, I never realised they welcome so many handmade items as a donation. Especially blankets, they take these to festivals and raise quite a bit of money from them. What a great idea, so if you have a stash laying around that you were thinking of clearing out, contact Oxfam I’m sure they will be delighted to take them off your hands.

Knit for Peace UK

This is one that I didn’t know about, click in the header and take a look at all the ways that you can donate or help different causes, from abused women to jumpers for Africa. I’ve just signed up to their mailing list so I can get involved when this current crisis has passed.

The Big Knit

Now I think we’ve all come across this one, due to it being in association with innocent smoothie drinks, so their advertising brings this to the forefront of all knitters / crocheters. Raising money for Age UK by making tiny hats which sit onto of their smoothie bottles which normally appear in shops aroundNovember time. The amount of tiny hats they receive is just fabulous and I can only imagine seeing them all in their millions waiting to be placed on top of a bottle.

If you click the link (header) it will take you to their page which has free patterns for you to download and make, there is a deadline for each year though so keep your eye on it.

Loving Hands

What a lovely site, well worth clicking and reading what they do and the charities they help support. A lovely feel to their website and a place where you can chat and share and help communities raise monies for people in need. I have bookmarked all of these websites and I’m sure I have plenty of things stashed away that I can donate. Time for a clear out I think.

Have a lovely Wednesday, Stay home and safe, make the most of this beautiful spring day in your gardens.

Thanks you for reading, I hope you will take a look at some of the sites and help if you are able.

Take Care, Marie @ Cosy Crochet

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