No Llama, Drama

Well, I wouldn’t say no drama, I’m glad this one is finished, Phew he took some doing. Glad I’ve done him but I don’t think I will be doing anymore so if you want him snap him up lol.

I managed to snap one needle and bent a second one putting him together.

He’s quite big as well so that didn’t help my small hands holding and sewing. I don’t think he would look right smaller though?

I’m pleased I have mastered the fur stitch, didn’t have much choice really, albeit a bit fiddly. It feels great and I just keep running my fingers through the tight curls LOL.

I especially love his curly fringe or bangs as the pattern calls them. The pattern was a free download from the Crochet Crowd. He certainly was a challenge so if you are looking for a crochet challenge then try him.

What do you think?

Have a great evening, remember it’s hump day tomorrow so you’re half way there again.

Take Care

Marie @ Cosy Crochet

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