Crafty DIY

Well I think we are all well and truly back into the normal swing of things again aren’t we? The first full week back at work for the majority is now over, how are we all feeling?

Even though I have been back to work I still have managed to complete two more Baby Yoda’s which are ready for their new homes, I think these are the final two for a while, but I have so loved making them. He is just so god dam cute.

Time to change the colours around on my WIP trolley, Oh my days I haven’t told you about my DIY WIP trolley, my Facebook followers know of my project but I’ve failed you my blog readers, apologies (I have been busy)

Lets make up for that shall we. On a visit to Hobbycraft recently I saw their storage trollies were half price, luckily I had not yet been paid so I didn’t buy one but was planning to return to get one before they all sold out.

Brainwave (yes it does happen sometimes). I quickly opened my Amazon app and searched for storage trollies on wheels. There is was a veg trolly on wheels, reduced, and on prime so I would have it the next day “Buy now with 1 click’ job done. Dangerous that buy in now with 1 click button.

It arrived as predicted the following day and I quickly assembled only to notice that the gaps on each ledge where far too wide for my little bits and bobs. I took the box it came in and started carving it up to make some shelves for each ledge.

I knew I had some material stashed away somewhere so on the hunt I went, oh lord searching through my stash is never a good thing, but I went straight to it (meant to be was going through my head).

So how do we attach this to the cardboard quickly then, I have no patients so couldn’t possibly wait, Glue? Hmmm didn’t work so well, Stables? Errrr not so great either. I know just sellotape it? brilliant this worked the quickest and easiest of them all.

This does mean that I have 1 Glued, 1 Stapled and 1 sellotaped, Hey third time lucky right, don’t judge, I may be good with a hook and some yarn but other crafty things not so much lol.

My favourite part of it is that I can hang my array of stitch markers on it as a feature. I also found these mini storage baskets at the range and knew they where perfect.

End result = Happy Me

So now all my Yoda’s are out of the way I can change the colours on my shelves and move the projects up and of course add a new one.

Now to start on these beautiful cakes, I do hope they work for what I have planned for them, watch this space to see.

Have a lovely weekend all and show me what you are working on whatever that may be, I do love to see your work.

Marie @ CosyCrochet

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