CAL Weeks 10 – 15

Wow, to say I fell behind a bit is a slight understatement, but despite the temperatures this week in the UK I have caught up in time for the final week 16 to be released on Friday.

Yes the final week 16 is this Friday! WHAT? where has that 16 weeks gone? that’s just crazy to think that week 1 was in April and we are now mid summer, look how small the first rounds where.

Even though I fell behind I still love every stitch (maybe not the bobbles, those last 2 rounds almost killed me off). But just look at it, what do you think now? It’s huge and I’ve used Style craft DK, god only knows how big it would be with their Aran, I wouldn’t have anywhere to put it.

I love it, Going to feel a little lost after the final week, I might have to do another one what do you think? I’ve had a colour swatch done already, I sense an order being placed.


I think these would be lovely in this blanket, especially the spice and magenta they will just pop against the darker colours.

Anyway, have a lovely week in this hot weather here in the UK but stay safe and sensible.

Take Care

Marie (Cosy Crochet x)

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4 thoughts on “CAL Weeks 10 – 15

  1. I confess, I’d had enough of those bobbles after the first time. I’m 3 weeks behind now because I just kept putting off that final lot! It’s a beautiful blanket though.
    Those colour look gorgeous together, I say go for it!

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