Bobbie the Dinocorn

Good Evening all, another Monday almost over of yet another week, where is the time going? It seems like ages since I have been able to get on here and share with you.

I have been working on this beautiful lady and wanted to share her with you all.

Isn’t she great? she took a while and was very fiddly in parts but I am so happy with the outcome of her. She has already gone to her forever home which I am pleased about as I know she will be looked after.

Pattern was from this amazing book, designed by LittleAquaGirl (Erinna Lee) from Australia. The pattern was very easy to follow from start to finish, very clear instructions in American Terms.

If you haven’t seen this pattern book I would recommend it for fantasy amigurumi, some fabulous makes.

Before I started putting her together I put the question out on my facebook page of what they thought it was going to be a few days before completion, some of the suggestions were amusing but no one guessed correctly.

Would you have got a Dinocorn from this lot?

Super cute and Super fun to make, Love her.

Take Care Everyone, have a great week.

Marie @ Cosy Crochet

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