Crochet Diploma – Module 7

Hello everyone, hope you’re all ok? I haven’t done any of my course for a few weeks, or crochet for that matter and I’m starting to get withdrawal. How rude of the decorating to interrupt my passion!

So yesterday I decided that on the lazy Sunday I was having that I must try and get another module covered off, so I did, sat in my PJ’s until it was complete and my assessment submitted. (I passed module 6 by the way).

This module was all about Advance Techniques in crochet and how to make different textures from basic stitches.

It also gave you the base patterns for all of these and the multiples of chains required as a guide to whatever you plan to make. Very handy, as it covered Basketweave, Raised Circles, Chevron, Granny Lace (as apposed to the square), Picot Latticework.

Then went onto different finishing borders reversed double crochet (crab stitch), Picot, Arches.

Motifs were covered next, now I don’t know about you but I always thought a motif was something you added onto a piece or ironed onto jeans back in the 80’s lol, so yesterday I learnt these are the smaller pieces we crochet that eventually we will sew together to make a larger piece. Circles, Squares, Triangles, Hexagon’s etc.

It then went onto give you the basic patterns for 3 styles of granny squares, from the basic square to the circles in squares, I know you can get these readily from youtube now but it’s nice to have the base taught you to develop later should you wish.

I plan to follow all the instructions for each and write it up for you in later posts, now that I have a little time back that is.

I am still really enjoying the course and I am learning the little things that you always wonder about because they just seem to happen, and have so missed it these past few weeks. Onto module 8 it is then, anyone else working through the diploma? or any for that matter?

Have a great week everyone.

Take Care

Marie (Cosy Crochet)

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