Meet Scooter

Morning Everyone, followers will know that a while back I mentioned the green one I was working on in my WIP’s post. Well the green one has been a labour of love and hate for a long time, way past the first post about him. I have started and failed with this little guy (well actually he’s not so little) for the best part of 2 years nearly. I don’t really know why but anyway he’s finally complete and I’m soooooooo happy with him.

Pattern is from my favourite set of books, Zoomigurumi 2, and has really clear and precise pattern details, so again why did I struggle with him? Pattern written by Kamlin  patterns

Have you ever worked on something that you just couldn’t seem to get right?

I love him, he’s not perfect but OMG I’m so proud of him.

EAU Duuuude……..(I wonder how many of you make that connection lol)

But……There was something missing, my partner and I kept looking at him but couldn’t quite put our finger on it, then it hit us, he needs a beanie Conrad states, yes he does indeed so I quickly made him a beanie to match his trainers.


Happy Sunday all, hope he makes you smile 🙂

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x


3 thoughts on “Meet Scooter

  1. So very cute!
    I’ve had the odd project like that where it takes me forever to do even if the pattern is simple and I know what I’m doing but keep making mistakes anyway. Very satisfying when you finish it though 🙂

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