Crochet Diploma – Module 3

Hello everyone, another module completed the other day, sorry only just getting 5 mins to post. This module was all about working in rows and rounds, How to start, turn and end. Telling you in which chains to actually start and finish which sounds easy enough if you have been doing it a while but it’s surprising how many don’t know this, and choose to do what looks right.

It also gives you an easy guide on the number of turning chains to use relevant to the stitch you are using. So yes I made another small table for my pin board for ease of reference.

  • Double Crochet = 1 chain
  • Half Treble Crochet = 2 chains
  • Treble Crochet = 3 chains
  • Double Treble Crochet = 4 chains and so on…….

You can have a stitch as tall as you like really as long as you remember to always crochet through 2 stitches each time till there is only 1 left, just add your number of turning chains accordingly.

Have you made some extra long stitches, if so how many, what was it for?

It covered how to increase and decrease in both rows and rounds, and also how to increase on a flat piece (extend a length basically). It gave you a couple of exercises to do, see below, and a video on a basic granny square.

It covered how sometimes in a round piece it can start cupping when you don’t want it too, meaning you have too few / many stitches.

It’s now starting to get quite informative and I am surprised by the amount of small things I’m learning, The small details which you take for granted when following a written pattern , like the turning chains for example. If it didn’t tell you would you guess?

I am enjoying it so far and looking forward to getting more in-depth designing so onward to No 4 it is.

Enjoy your evening

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x


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