Crochet Diploma – Module 2

Afternoon you lovely lot. Well the weather has taken a turn for the worst and I just managed to get in before the heavens opened. I hope you all have brollies it looks like it’s in for the afternoon, in true April Showers fashion.

As the weather is dismal and I cannot get out with the dogs because they will not entertain the rain, I thought I would look at module 2 of the diploma, Assessment has just been submitted so fingers crossed everyone.

Module 2 is all about Holding the Hook and Yarn, keeping tension and the basic stitches to get you going. Now having recently realised that I have been working in US terms for a number of years it was weird to hear and follow the UK terms. if it wasn’t for week 1 of the CAL I would’ve been even more confused and would never have realised I was working in US terms. Least I now know that I can work in both that’s got to be a bonus right?

I made myself a little chart of UK and US terminology and attached this to my pin board for quick reference.

So a quick and easy module complete on to No 3 then……

Don’t get too wet out there, grab some yarn and a coffee and watch everyone else getting wet, teehee.

Bye for now

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x


4 thoughts on “Crochet Diploma – Module 2

  1. Don’t suppose your course explains why there are UK and US terms and how that happened or anything – I mean really, all the terms are pretty much the same but the UK decided to start with double crochet while the US decided to start with single crochet – think I’d prefer if they just used completely different terms 😀

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      1. Yeah, I can kinda see logic to the stitch naming convention either way and I am fine using either terminology (as long as the pattern says which it’s using at the start – I hate when it doesn’t!) but I think I prefer using US because I always refer to amigurumi stitches as single crochet (although then when making granny squares I refer to UK treble clusters so I just have no consistency 😀 )

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