Lola,She was a Show…


Well hello everyone, apologies for the silence this week it’s been rather busy since my last blog. Happy Easter weekend to you all, I do hope you all have something nice planned for the long weekend and the weather is set to be beautiful (for a change on a bank holiday), so get out there and enjoy and let me know what you are all up to.

Anyone rushing to finish last-minute crochet projects for Easter?

Just look at Lola

I managed to get her finished in time to hand over for the holidays for a birthday present and its safe to say Lola was a success. Yay happy days, What do you think?

She was a joy to make and really enjoyed it. Pattern was from the book Zoomigurumi 2, which followers will know by now I love this range of books. The pattern written by AuroraGurumi, is just such a cute lovely, easy to follow pattern. This pattern also taught me a new method of attaching body parts as you crochet into the rounds rather than sewing on after. Fabulous method ensuring they are in the exact right spot. Think I will adopt this more often going forward.

Anyway, still busy busy here so have a great Good Friday whatever you are doing, see you all soon.

Take Care

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x


7 thoughts on “Lola,She was a Show…

      1. I have all the Edward’s Menagerie books and have mostly just crocheted things from them but I’m thinking I need to branch out (and treat myself to some more crochet books :D)

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      2. Yeah, the rabbit is the first pattern listed in Edward’s Menagerie and seeing as the pattern is named Emma the Bunny, I had to make it…and then make it about a dozen more times xD

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