CAL Week 1

Hi, well I have completed week 1, a little late, but it’s done in time for week 2 being released this morning.

Talk about emotions, wow, I’ve gone from excitement – getting started, frustration – too busy to start it, Anger – once started struggled to get my head around rounds that shouldn’t have been an issue, Panic – need to finish before week 2, YES!!! mastered the pebbles and finished. Breathe……..

I love it and learnt in the process that I actually crochet in US terms rather than UK (hmmmmm?) Anyone else from the UK do this?

Anyway here is yesterdays journey…….

Super excited to start week 2 now and continue this journey with everyone. The pebbles were great to do, very time-consuming but well worth it, and surprisingly easier than I thought they would be.


Need more pebbles in my life x

Take Care

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x


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