Happy Friday Everyone, Hope you all have nice plans for the weekend?

So……Work in Progress, how many do we all have on the go?

I have more than my anxious mind can seem to handle and it’s only a handful. Why does it make me feel anxious and that I need to get everything finished. I would love to be able to flit between projects without caring but I really do prefer finishing before starting something else. Anyone else the same?

Not sure the Temp Blanket was the best idea for me, One row per day is killing me (1) I’ve already started it once (2) I don’t like to just do one row at time (3) It’s going to be huge (4) Where will I store it (5) What the hell am I going to do with it?

I have my rug, I still have not restarted it after running out of the second colour yarn.


I have one I am now calling my Nemesis, hmmmmm! more to follow on him soon I hope.


The CAL starts today and all I’ve wanted to do is start it, work couldn’t end quick enough then the day has just got away with me. All I have had chance to do is look at the picture on Facebook (then panicked) I can’t do that lol.

Bring it on……………….



Plus I have a birthday present to start and finish this weekend. Oh my lord, anxiety overload, where’s my hook and breathe….

Happy Weekend Everyone

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x


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