I’m doing it…..

Eeeek so a while back I asked you if I should do the Coastal Crochet Changing Tides Blanket Crochet Along (CAL) Well with only a few days to go I decided to go for it. Yesterday I ordered my yarn pack from The Knitting Network and I have just had confirmation it is ready for dispatch (Happy Dance).

The problem is however where the hell am I going to store it, best get moving things again, and talk nicely to the other half as he will be taking the delivery 🙂

This will be my first CAL so I am looking forward to it and will hopefully learn lots of new stitches too.

I am also looking forward to seeing everyone’s creations and the colours that will be popping out of all the social media sites over the 16 week period, and past as I cannot see myself completing in that time frame.

The next piece of exciting news is I have enrolled onto the Diploma for crochet and hope to start working my way through that, being self-taught it will be good to see what I’m doing wrong as I bet there is something.

Anyway, Happy Monday Everyone, I just wanted to share my exciting bit of news. It’s the small things in life isn’t it.

Take hold of what makes you happy, Rid yourself of what doesn’t!

Take care

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x