Hands Up

Who wants the lovely weather we had at Easter back?

I know I certainly do, just seen a news notification pop up saying there is possible snow for some of the UK this Bank Holiday weekend, seriously? Yesterday’s notification was for a 3 month heat wave. Make your minds up people you’re messing with my mind and wardrobe lol.

I love nothing more than getting home from work, opening up the house getting all the cushions on the garden furniture, openening up the bar (yes we are lucky enough to have one on our garden) getting a cold drink and a WIP and sitting in the sun with the pooches crocheting. Ahhhhh roll on summer please.

Anyone else with me?

Do you like working outside when it’s nice?


This was last summer and we have a third bum to join in with the summer sun fun this year so watch this space. Although I really think I need to emigrate.

Come on, lets will on the sunshine together, We can do this!!

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x

CAL – Week 3

Good Morning everyone, I managed to complete week 3 of the Coastal Crochet CAL, changing tides blanket, last night. It was only 4 rounds this week but it was the lace bobble / pebbles as they are known for this blanket. Love them, they do take a while to work up but look at them they are so worth it.

Can’t wait for week 4, is it friday yet?

Thank You Coastal Crochet, what an amazing pattern, I think I will be purchasing this pattern so I can make more in differenct colours in the future.

Have a lovely day everyone, the sun is back out again after the storms over last couple of days so make the most of it.

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x


Crochet Diploma – Module 3

Hello everyone, another module completed the other day, sorry only just getting 5 mins to post. This module was all about working in rows and rounds, How to start, turn and end. Telling you in which chains to actually start and finish which sounds easy enough if you have been doing it a while but it’s surprising how many don’t know this, and choose to do what looks right.

It also gives you an easy guide on the number of turning chains to use relevant to the stitch you are using. So yes I made another small table for my pin board for ease of reference.

  • Double Crochet = 1 chain
  • Half Treble Crochet = 2 chains
  • Treble Crochet = 3 chains
  • Double Treble Crochet = 4 chains and so on…….

You can have a stitch as tall as you like really as long as you remember to always crochet through 2 stitches each time till there is only 1 left, just add your number of turning chains accordingly.

Have you made some extra long stitches, if so how many, what was it for?

It covered how to increase and decrease in both rows and rounds, and also how to increase on a flat piece (extend a length basically). It gave you a couple of exercises to do, see below, and a video on a basic granny square.

It covered how sometimes in a round piece it can start cupping when you don’t want it too, meaning you have too few / many stitches.

It’s now starting to get quite informative and I am surprised by the amount of small things I’m learning, The small details which you take for granted when following a written pattern , like the turning chains for example. If it didn’t tell you would you guess?

I am enjoying it so far and looking forward to getting more in-depth designing so onward to No 4 it is.

Enjoy your evening

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x


Crochet Diploma – Module 2

Afternoon you lovely lot. Well the weather has taken a turn for the worst and I just managed to get in before the heavens opened. I hope you all have brollies it looks like it’s in for the afternoon, in true April Showers fashion.

As the weather is dismal and I cannot get out with the dogs because they will not entertain the rain, I thought I would look at module 2 of the diploma, Assessment has just been submitted so fingers crossed everyone.

Module 2 is all about Holding the Hook and Yarn, keeping tension and the basic stitches to get you going. Now having recently realised that I have been working in US terms for a number of years it was weird to hear and follow the UK terms. if it wasn’t for week 1 of the CAL I would’ve been even more confused and would never have realised I was working in US terms. Least I now know that I can work in both that’s got to be a bonus right?

I made myself a little chart of UK and US terminology and attached this to my pin board for quick reference.

So a quick and easy module complete on to No 3 then……

Don’t get too wet out there, grab some yarn and a coffee and watch everyone else getting wet, teehee.

Bye for now

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x


Crochet Diploma – Module 1

Module 1 is completed and passed (thankfully) how embarrassing would that have been? Ha Ha. The course is online with Centre of Excellence so I can take it at my own pace, which is good because everything seems to get in the way at the moment.

I learnt about all different hooks, and never even knew they where different, you think they’re all the same right? NO….you can get inline and non inline, and I prefer non inline hooks as they grab the yarn a lot easier. Module 1 prompted my Hooks blog a few weeks ago which lead me to purchase my new favourite set, thanks to a fellow bloggers recommendation, thank you Emma.

My Clover Armour (non inline) hooks are amazing, they are so comfortable to work with I fear I may use nothing else but these now. Love them.


I learnt about different types of yarn and what they are best for, from Animal Fibres to Plant and Manmade Fibres. I finally got a chart drawn up for UK & US terms for the names of yarns, which I always find confusing, and how to work out what size hook you are using if it doesn’t state on it.

So after me thinking this may be a waste of time and money, I have already learnt so much and it’s only the first module.

Onto No 2 I go………..

Happy Eve All

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x


CAL – Week 2

Hi everyone, what a lovely Bank holiday weekend we have had weather wise, with record-breaking temperatures in the UK. Just fabulous it was, did you get up to much? anything good and exciting?

We managed to get to the coast with the dogs on Sunday, and here and there the rest of it. Great weekend was had.

I managed to sneak some rounds in here and there on week 2 of The Changing Tides Blanket Crochet Along. Wow this is so addictive, I finished last night and loving how it looks and learning lots which is always good.

Had to do some restarting a few times and gained a few too many stitches on some rounds so had to try and lose them in others but back on track and week 2 is complete.

Roll on Friday for week 3, can’t wait to find out what is next.

Enjoy the rest of this lovely weather if you can.

Take care

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x


CAL Week 1

Hi, well I have completed week 1, a little late, but it’s done in time for week 2 being released this morning.

Talk about emotions, wow, I’ve gone from excitement – getting started, frustration – too busy to start it, Anger – once started struggled to get my head around rounds that shouldn’t have been an issue, Panic – need to finish before week 2, YES!!! mastered the pebbles and finished. Breathe……..

I love it and learnt in the process that I actually crochet in US terms rather than UK (hmmmmm?) Anyone else from the UK do this?

Anyway here is yesterdays journey…….

Super excited to start week 2 now and continue this journey with everyone. The pebbles were great to do, very time-consuming but well worth it, and surprisingly easier than I thought they would be.


Need more pebbles in my life x

Take Care

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x


Lola,She was a Show…


Well hello everyone, apologies for the silence this week it’s been rather busy since my last blog. Happy Easter weekend to you all, I do hope you all have something nice planned for the long weekend and the weather is set to be beautiful (for a change on a bank holiday), so get out there and enjoy and let me know what you are all up to.

Anyone rushing to finish last-minute crochet projects for Easter?

Just look at Lola

I managed to get her finished in time to hand over for the holidays for a birthday present and its safe to say Lola was a success. Yay happy days, What do you think?

She was a joy to make and really enjoyed it. Pattern was from the book Zoomigurumi 2, which followers will know by now I love this range of books. The pattern written by AuroraGurumi, is just such a cute lovely, easy to follow pattern. This pattern also taught me a new method of attaching body parts as you crochet into the rounds rather than sewing on after. Fabulous method ensuring they are in the exact right spot. Think I will adopt this more often going forward.

Anyway, still busy busy here so have a great Good Friday whatever you are doing, see you all soon.

Take Care

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x



Happy Friday Everyone, Hope you all have nice plans for the weekend?

So……Work in Progress, how many do we all have on the go?

I have more than my anxious mind can seem to handle and it’s only a handful. Why does it make me feel anxious and that I need to get everything finished. I would love to be able to flit between projects without caring but I really do prefer finishing before starting something else. Anyone else the same?

Not sure the Temp Blanket was the best idea for me, One row per day is killing me (1) I’ve already started it once (2) I don’t like to just do one row at time (3) It’s going to be huge (4) Where will I store it (5) What the hell am I going to do with it?

I have my rug, I still have not restarted it after running out of the second colour yarn.


I have one I am now calling my Nemesis, hmmmmm! more to follow on him soon I hope.


The CAL starts today and all I’ve wanted to do is start it, work couldn’t end quick enough then the day has just got away with me. All I have had chance to do is look at the picture on Facebook (then panicked) I can’t do that lol.

Bring it on……………….



Plus I have a birthday present to start and finish this weekend. Oh my lord, anxiety overload, where’s my hook and breathe….

Happy Weekend Everyone

Marie (Cosy Crochet) x