Crochet Along (CAL)

The lovely Eleonora at Coastal Crochet is planning to start a CAL (crochet along) on the 12th of April, should I do it? I have been debating this since she posted it weeks ago and now I only have a few weeks to decide and buy my wool.

Her work is amazing and think I will learn a lot but wondering if I will have enough time to do it, I have 2 courses, my blog getting established, work and other projects HELP!

If you would like to do it also then please take a look at her blog and join in too (Changing Tides Blanket CAL). She has teamed up with style craft who have put together the yarn pack for the whole project too which makes it even easier, well to purchase the wool at least.

Oh Sunday Morning debates, should I? (Makes a change from Brexit at least)

Marie x

10 thoughts on “Crochet Along (CAL)

    1. That’s a great excuse to start it. Think I best go get some colours sorted 🤣 are you using same or choosing your own? If I do it I will make it for my mum so would need to change the colours.


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