Ever feel like life is unraveling in front of your eyes and you just sit and watch?

For whatever reason we all feel this way sometimes and it can vary from something trivial to something serious. Either way we often sit there for a while and watch before deciding what to do about it.

This has been happening to me recently on big projects, I have been working through them quite rapidly and almost finished them and decided NO, I need to start again! For whatever reason starting again was the answer as I just wasn’t happy with them, we should never continue in something if we aren’t happy right?

I did however find the opposite happening with a large project over the weekend, I was almost finished and getting excited to put it in its place when hey presto, the yarn ran out. Ugh! I have been waiting to use this particular yarn for years and never really had the correct pattern for it until c2c came along. The yarn is really chunky and the further I got into the blanket (or so I thought) I decided it would be substantial enough to be a rug. So again I found myself unraveling the burgundy colour back to the start of the grey yarn, I am going to reduce it further by one more grey row and start decreasing with burgundy then hopefully I can finish.

Is this Karma’s way of saying stop doubting your work? Maybe but I’m a perfectionist and if I’m not happy with it I don’t believe anyone else will be either.

I’m also debating whether to start my Temp Blanket Cont…..again, I chose the wrong hook size and choice of pattern I just know it will be too big and out of proportion just after two months worth of rows. Should I start again now before going any further? I haven’t done any of March’s rows yet just in case. I think that might be my answer right there.

How frustrating, but everything happens for a reason right? and if you do become or feel unraveled in life then search because something good is in there and will shine through eventually.

Good Evening All

Marie x


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