Happy New Year

Hello everyone, firstly let me wish you all a happy new year and best wishes for 2018. I’m sure we are all making resolutions and praying that we stick with them. I however have not made any, I cannot seem to plan a day ahead at the moment let alone try and stick to any resolutions. I would love to hear what you have all made though?

Well it has been a while since I blogged for you and I have been doing the mad Christmas order rush, when you always get those words “can you just make this for Christmas” the question is how do we always manage to get it done? strange that one moment you have a full order book all needing to be done the week before Christmas and you sit there saying to yourself how the hell am I going to get all this done, and prepare for my own Christmas?

Secretly I love it, and while I do I shall continue. So thank you for all that have ordered and have been so happy with your items, and a few surprise presents thrown in too.

So it’s time to look forward, Babies on the way, blanket requests then theres Easter? what to do this year Bunnies? Baskets? Flowers? It is only around the corner, you always have to be thinking ahead in this creative skill, which I am not normally that good at, thus proven this Christmas past as I never managed to make anything Christmas related at all so I plan to make Santa’s, Reindeer’s, Snowmen and whatever else I can squeeze in so I have a stock this year. So I guess I really have made a resolution without realising this year.

Here is a selection from over the last couple of months, highlights for me has to be the sausage dog, toothless the dragon and the baby monkey which was part of a blanket and hat set for a newborn.

So it is onto the New Year and New Projects, and it has already begun……

And what am I going to be?……………….


All shall be revealed

Stay safe and enjoy your resolutions I will be back soon once this is complete.

Marie x


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