Dark by Day, Light by Night

Well what can I say, Black is a Mood we all delve into at some point in our lives but working with it is worst. I have had a few projects recently when black or dark colours have been required. the order comes through and the dread begins, planning of when to do it because you need brilliant light, so dark work becomes an in-between project I believe, Dark by Day and Light by Night, Now the nights are drawing in there is even less time to plan around this time of the year.

I feel myself working thinking just one more row of the black whilst squinting in hope of the last few minutes of dusk before the dark ensues. then the lights have to go on but it’s just not the same as natural light. I’m lucky to have a conservatory with a glass roof which enables maximum light till the dying seconds of dusk and then I must stop and start another on going project. If i continue then mistakes happen, you count you last row to find a chain has been missed or you take a look at your work to find something just doesn’t look right.

Working with dark colours is quite difficult, but over the last few weeks I have managed to get quite a few projects completed none the less.

Several Batman? Batmen? have been completed which have been lots of fun and proved quite popular after making a few Cosy Crochet Modifications to each one as I have gone along (I like to do that, two are never really the same)

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So my lesson was learnt with these, you must have really good light, so the question to myself has been Do I Buy some LED hooks? Are they worth it? Will they work? Will I be wasting my money? Just put the light on right??? Well I’ve never been a person for main lights on in a house I prefer to have lamps on instead it feels more homely to me. So yes I have taken the plunge and order some LED hooks from https://funkymolly.com/products/crochet-led-hook so I am eagerly anticipating those arriving to give them a try. I will post an update as soon as I have them.

in between other projects I also managed to make a beautiful jacket and matching scarf for a gorgeous little girl aged 12 – 24 months using  Stylecraft black and grey mix yarn, which is superset and beautiful to work with and gives a fabulous finish.

I cannot wait to see pictures of the little on wearing it this Autumn, I will be making one in red soon and can’t wait to start it.

As Autumn is upon us (if not already here) Messy bun hats are being requested again, and yes you guessed it a black one was requested, albeit black sparkly but nether the less still black. but as these do not take a lot of time at all I wasn’t worried about squeezing this one in at all, and the end result was lush. I just wish the photo could capture the sparkle.

Then came along my favourite black work which left mine and its recipients hearts beaming with cuteness overload……..


These arrived this week and I just had to try to squeeze one in, so I hunted through and saw my late kitten Minstrel and my friends cat Neo, so I knew that it had to be the one to try. Now as they are so tiny and different colours must be used in the same rounds without fastening off each time, they are very fiddly, but oh boy are they worth it, just adorable.

Not bad for a first attempt at these tiny cuteness creations 🙂 x

So Dark by Day, Light by Night can not only be about working with dark colours, life is this way for many of us. Dark can take over easily without us realising, we must maintain the light in our lives to over power this dark entity and Crochet is my light, it helps me focus my mind on the project at hand rather than dwell on thoughts that may drag me into the dark.

Life is wonderful and light is all around, go and grab your light and keep it shining and you may be surprised at just where you can find your light and where this could take you.

Take Care

Marie x


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