Progress History

Good Afternoon, I said I would return soon with a history of my brief learning process and what lead me to be sat here sipping an Americano with the torrential rain beating down on my conservatory roof as I type. (Quite therapeutic actually)

So about 2 maybe 3 years ago I brought myself a cheap set of needles (still have them) and some cheap wool and away I went. I had not done any knitting at all since I was a small child, and you couldn’t really call that knitting. Anyway I couldn’t even remember how to cast on let alone attempt to make something. I cannot quite remember now but I’m pretty sure it took me around an hour to actually cast on and do a few rows, to find that in those few rows I had already missed a stitch, how is that even possible? I asked myself. I persevered and eventually made a blanket for my cats window bed.

I then decided to make scarves to donate to the OCC Christmas Shoebox appeal for children overseas. Please take a moment to at least google Samaritans Purse if you have not heard of it and see the good work all the volunteers do each year, all year, to ensure these children have a christmas present to open. Just Beautiful x x x

I then went on to try some hats to match for the children but alas with needles that just wasn’t happening for me, straight lines appeared to me my limit with needles.

So began the start of my relationship with the hook 🙂 well that was an experience, could I get my fingers to be where they needed to be and do what they should, Errrrr No!!! is the short answer to that. I just couldn’t hold everything in place to work a chain let alone several chains. So after several hours of you tube videos and starting over and over and over again one day it all just clicked. But this didn’t click until I started re writing patterns in my own words. (note-book upon note-book of scribble, go on tell me you don’t either)

I started crocheting hats and flying through them with matching scarves and oh my it was so quick compared to the sticks as I used to call them, I need to add at this point I have not picked up any sticks since.


However me being who I am wasn’t happy with basic stitches after a while the single / double crochet stitches just wast cutting it, I researched stitches over and over on the net and tried and tried and practiced all the time (becoming slightly obsessed at this point) but still I wanted something a bit more challenging (she says I’d been crocheting for a few weeks for gods sake) so I went for the cluster stitch / bobble stitch / puff stitch so many names for the same principle. LOVED IT 🙂 it quickly became apparent that the easy stuff I struggled with, give me something a little more challenging and I could master it immediately and off I went……………


I then took what I believe to be the next natural step that I think all knitters / crocheters go through Babies, cute little baby makes and blankets and cardigans and dresses, hats and bonnets just all things Baby. So that’s what I did, you tube and books became my favourite reads and off I went. My head wanted to make EVERYTHING reality NOT ENOUGH TIME………

I couldn’t stop, then people started asking, I’m sure you can all relate. “Can you just make” or “Do you do these” or “How much for one of these” and “can I have it by the weekend?” (it’s Thursday at this point). I started to question what was happening then, I just started crocheting as a hobby to relieve stress and a feel good factor of donating and it was starting to spiral a bit, which is good don’t get me wrong on this I love it.

“Do you have a Facebook page? you should make one and get a blog and write about all your makes”……..Really why would I do that? was my thoughts but I already had my Facebook page so adding a page couldn’t hurt right? So I did if you would like to take a look.

I wasn’t prepared for the response and was quite overwhelmed and a little proud of myself to be fair, check me with my own Facebook page who knew right. Then came the questions again, and the tags into makes and the can you do these in this size. Secretly loving it inside and feeling proud the response soon became “sure leave it with me” to dread of OMG what if I can’t do it and I have to tell them that……..Will they unlike my page, will they bad mouth me over the internet if I cannot fulfil their wish Oh the stress.

So I took a deep breath and cracked on with it, soon turning a hook to anything and finding myself to be rather good at this hook and yarn malarkey. But I wanted time to make myself something, I’d always wanted a mermaid tail blanket so I found a pattern, went over to my favourite yarn shop “Yankee Yarns” purchased some amazing coloured yarn and could not wait to get home and get started, which I did immediately. The outcome made me beam from ear to ear I loved it and still do today.

I made several more after this one, all for Christmas Presents (not made one since ha ha).

With winter here at that point I wanted to have a go at some dog jumpers for my two fur babies, I was looking at them in the Pet Store and I knew I could make some for the amount of money they where (you may agree but they seem to increase in price every year). So my internet / social media search began again, I found patterns wrote up and adjusted new ones and off I went. My dogs hated every minute of the measuring and trying on but I was happy (they weren’t lol).

I then made some collar bow accessories for cats and dogs, just because!

The requests kept coming and I kept making baby blankets / sets. Hats & Scarves. Cardigans, dog jumpers etc etc. But I wanted to try something even more challenging (well I thought it was at the time anyway) Amigurumi – Alien language? I hear you ask, (I still can’t pronounce it so god help us) It sure was to me and it made absolutely no sense at all, so challenge accepted………

As you have probably guessed by now I didn’t pick anything simple to start off my new challenge.


This little fella was my pride and joy, I was so happy when I completed him, even though I know where all the mistakes are and learnt so much from him (and yes you eagle-eyed readers that is an empty glass of Bailey’s behind him 😉 I needed to celebrate he was stressful x

That was it I had the bug, THEN came the requests oh boy did they 🙂

I just love finishing a toy, you put so much hard intricate work into them that piece by piece that is all they are but when you start to assemble all the pieces and you can see it forming I have to finish putting it together there and then, regardless of time it has to be finished. There are just not enough hours in the day for me right now but I really don’t care because making these and seeing the reactions of people who have asked for them makes me proud. Nothing wrong with that right????

A very short but brief journey for you there, but reading this back to myself now it’s been quite a journey in a short space of time.

I will be back soon with my current projects, I don’t want to bore you anymore for now, Thank you for taking the time to read

Marie x 05/09/17

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